Eva, Alba y Juan are the protagonist of the story. Eva gives birth to Marina, Alba has just been left by her boyfriend. And Juan is happily married. Their paths intersect one night and their lifes will change forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Insomnio torrent reviews

Steve K (au) wrote: Someone should go to jail for making a movie this bad.

Johnson C (ru) wrote: The Africa scenery with animals surroundings are good, but the plot is weak anyway. So far so good for a sniper movie.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Quite a nifty little psychological horror.

Chris Z (ca) wrote: Brilliant. Simple, and yet so complex and deep in its examination of a relationship between father and son, of responsibility, of growing into a man, of duty, etc. The subtitles on the DVD I had were laughably horrible, and yet the movie is so good, the acting so sublime, and the flashbacks so effective that even struggling to figure out the barely decipherable Engrish subs you can understand exactly what is going on with a depth that words couldn't add anything to. I rarely ever cry during a movie, but this made me tear up more than once. Basic premise: a mountain postman is getting old, his knees are going bad, so his 24yo son is going to take over his route. He takes is son through walking three days through the mountains to deliver the mail, and show his son the route and the job. But he is also showing his son the path to adulthood, attempting to overcome the estrangement of always being away from home on the mailroute while his son grew up without his presence, and we explore love, family, duty, work, the tensions of modernity, and so much more. Wonderful film. A movie like this reminds me of Jack Mccarthy bemoaning overdone and overly complex poetry, emphasizing just how HARD it is to make something really complex appear to be so simple. This movie is like that. It is pure and devastating simplicity. The kind of film you could watch forever.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Well worth the 458 minutes to view this double mini series about alien visitors that come to steal the earth's water and use humans for food on their home planet. A favourite of mine in grade school that has held up well.

Brad G (fr) wrote: Union Prison warden Amos Dundee (the badass in a neckerchief Charlton Heston), collects his best troops as well as his best Southern Trash Confederate Prisoners (led by scene stealer Richard Harris) to go across the Mexican border to hunt down a bunch of bloody Apache savages. Along the way he rescues a village, cheats on a smoking hot German lady (seriously, Senta Berger), and pisses off the entire French army. The extended cut of Major Dundee is a fine film that shows the promise that director Sam Peckinpah delivers on in uber classics The Wild Bunch and Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia. And it's a man's movie. Heston, Harris, James Coburn, LQ Jones, Ben Johnson, RG Armstrong, and Warren Oates. VF.

Richard K (it) wrote: Laurel and Hardie are the bomb.......

Marc W (ag) wrote: A tour de force of the insane. Worth a watch

Matt M (gb) wrote: We will be taking the girls to see this when I get home!!