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Insônia torrent reviews

Esteban M (ca) wrote: The race card makes this doc critic proof regardless of quality. Anyone daring to say something negative will be immediately called a racist, so what's the point on reviewing it?

Sabena A (ca) wrote: A nice and powerful movie specially second part was so entertaining, nice acting from all the actors plus twist was really socking and well acted.

aaron a (nl) wrote: Synopsis: An in-depth look at Ludwig van Beethoven, which features new insights into the composer's life and music, and excerpts from more than 60 live performances. This documentary analyzes the famous composer from mainly three different perspectives; Historically, using known facts and documents to familiarize the audience with Beethoven and the world in which he lived, Personally, using letters written by beethoven himself to numerous individuals to better understand his desires, dreams, despair and anger, and Musically, analyzing his work in order to better understand his frame of mind at the moment of inspiration and his influence on the music world. I prefer by far the historical analysis method used in this documentary. In search of Beethoven is an incredibly insightful documentary, however, the purpose of this documentary is almost entirely to educate instead of entertain. Knowing close to nothing about music composition I quickly became disinterested in the musical analysis segments, and such segments take up a majority of the feature. Though the film should not be considered for entertainment, it is deeply educational. And though i have no desire to ever watch this film again, I do believe i'll watch it's sister documentary, In Search of Mozart.

Peter P (mx) wrote: Strangely not the worst squid movie, but it is up there. Bad acting, lame plot, faily poor CGI, overall you can tell that this is a very low budget canadian made movie. I saw this on the movie network under the name Deadly Waters, not sure why they changed it, but it sucked just the same.

Rika O (kr) wrote: fun to watch Sean Bean speking in such accents. thought it was a TV movie...

Ilja S (es) wrote: It is cheesy, but this is without a doubt one of my favourite movies of all time.

James O (us) wrote: Even as a kid this film elicited only one question - why? I mean its not even a seal which is a bit of an oversight I'd have thought.

Javor B (au) wrote: Murray as a gangster, De Niro as a nice guy cop and Uma Thurman between the two of them - you gotta love this!

Fred M (kr) wrote: El barrio chino es el pasado que se repite, se pretende superarlo pero uno vuelve a cometer los mismos errores: tener la certeza de estar bien encaminado, hacer el ridculo a gran escala y asimilar con horror que una vez ms todo se fue al carajo. En un instante se desmorona lo que se vino construyendo con la confianza de estar haciendo bien las cosas, y no hay marcha atrs. La msica es un encanto, te lleva a un estado de ensueo desde la primera nota del bronce que da inicio a la pelcula. La historia avanza a paso firme mientras los hechos del crimen se van enmaraando y de a poco perdemos la nocin del lugar que ocupa el protagonista en toda la chacota. 9/10

Greg C (ru) wrote: Rza thinks black ppl should dress better to improve their image but plays a drug dealer in every movie he's in.

Tanner M (fr) wrote: There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this movie! I love how it starts were the first one ended, and have it that creepy hospital effect. I also love the returning cast from the first one. Every thing is amazing in this film