Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget

John Brown is a bumbling but well-intentioned security guard who is badly injured in an explosion planned by an evil mastermind. He is taken to a laboratory, where Brenda, a leading robotics surgeon, replaces his damaged limbs with state-of-the-art gadgets and tools. Named "Inspector Gadget" by the press, John -- along with his niece, Penny, and her trusty dog, Brain -- uses his new powers to discover who was behind the explosion.

John Brown (Matthew Broderick) is a bumbling but well-intentioned security guard. One day, his dreams come true when he is selected to be transformed into a cybernetic police officer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khuram J (jp) wrote: The plot might be predictable but the chemistry between the actors make this film a must watch for Bollywood fans.

Ravi N (gb) wrote: Stoner Movie about Star Wars Fans who beat up Trekkies...! How can it not be fun!

JohnnyLee T (ca) wrote: Cast of truly unlikeable characters make this difficult to really like but it has very strong actors in the roles and a grunge realism that is created perfectly by director Slattery. Portrays ambiguity of people. More comedic touches would have helped - a sweet-as-pie deadly sharp-shooting florist, a truckload of meat that can't be given away, a body that doesn't stay still, etc. in any other movie would have been comedy gold. Short at 1 hr 20 mins.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Very good CGI film, It stays true to the games better than Degeneration and it would of made a great game too, The CGI was brilliant, The action sequences were great and entertaining, They always have to leave it open for a sequel which I don't like but if you're a fan of the games then you won't be dissapointed.

Sol C (gb) wrote: Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga's performances at the only reason to watch this film. The film could have been better. Andy and Vera have a great on screen chemistry. They need a better story than this one. It needed a major rewrite. It was predictable. I felt like I have seen this type of film done before, only better. It felt like, the screenwriter didn't know what to do with both character at some points in the movie. There are a few cute moments in the film. I thought Peter Riegert was good in his supporting role. Hopefully the next film Andy and Vera do together will be better than this one.

Mo B (jp) wrote: Rating: 61%Fortunately for Zoolander, this might just be one of the only cases where the film's immense stupidity makes it somewhat entertaining.