Instant Numa

Instant Numa

A quirky young woman who loves antiques embarks on risky adventures and business endeavors with her eccentric friends, trying to score a unique item that will finally be worth a huge profit...

After being forced to resign from her publishing company job when her magazine goes out of circulation, office worker Haname Jinchoge (Kumiko Aso) is given the name of her real father-Noburo Jinchoge when her mother (Keiko Matsuzaka) falls into a coma after nearly drowning in a pond while searching for kappa. Unsure if Noburo (Morio Kazama) is her father, Haname decides to visit him but tells him that she is a distant relative, he happens to be the shopkeeper at an odd antiquities shop called Light Bulb Co., working for her father is a punk rocker named Gas (Ryo Kase). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CB M (mx) wrote: An ambitious collaboration gives mixed results. Some stories are outstanding - Sand is beautiful, Reunion hilarious and On Her Knees insightful. Others such as Abbreviation, Immunity and Boner McPharlin's Moll fail to capture the depth of Winton's characters that made his stories so admirable.

Hobie P (it) wrote: Just as stupid,obnoxious,and annoying as the first film.

John B (it) wrote: Lovely genuine film about a teenager discovering her roots in Slovakia...and her unlikely companion. The kids and the town are the stars as believable awkwardness leads to genuine emotion.

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Carly D (mx) wrote: I should finish reading the book first.

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