Dr. Ethan Powell, an anthropologist, is in Africa studying apes when he is lost for two years. When he is found, he kills 3 men and puts 2 in the hospital. Cuba Gooding's character is a psychiatrist who wants to take up the task of trying to get Dr. Powell to speak again and maybe even stand judgment at a trial for his release from prison of mental cases. Along the way, Cuba has to deal with also helping the mental patients that are being abused and neglected. In this process Cuba learns a few things about himself and life, and so does Anthony Hopkins character, Dr. Powell.

Years after he goes missing in the jungles of Africa, an anthropologist is imprisoned when it's discovered that he has murdered two poachers who were killing the gorillas he was studying. Now, it's up to a young psychiatrist to get through to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Instinct torrent reviews

Jason C (jp) wrote: This movie is not good. A very few funny moments w/ ugly characters that can't seem to escape each other. Not good.

Camilla N (jp) wrote: Betyget sger allt.

Maruf H (mx) wrote: It's obvious from the get-go how the film will come to a close, but it's enticing nonetheless to see Georgia realize that her life was perfect the way it was - she just really wanted a boyfriend. The film reminds us all that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it doesn't matter if Cosmo tells you your nose is supposed to be a cute little button - as long as you have a "sex god" boyfriend who loves you for who you are, everything else that annoyed you in your life is suddenly wonderful. Possibly the most fascinating part of the film is that these girls are all supposed to be 14 and 15-year-old's, yet we get two riveting butt shots of girls in thongs, and one of them goes as far as to show us her bra - you have just got to love the Brits. Director Gurinder Chadha takes the generic coming-of-age film in a more materialistic, yet approachable, direction than other films have opted to do the same genre, and it definitely makes for more interesting than Nickelodeon's other PG-13 film, Fun Size.

Robert H (br) wrote: IN THE ELECTRIC MIST is a near-perfect neo-noir anchored by a solid, yet restrained, performance by Tommy Lee Jones. Ever since I heard about this, I wanted to see it and boy was I surprised. It exceeded my expectations greatly. The story, put simply, is about a New Orleans detective Dave Robicheaux (Jones) who is investigating the murder of a prostitute and also looking into the 40-year-old murder of a black man who was recently found in a swamp. Along the way he ends up getting into situations that drag him further into Louisana's deep dark secrets and past, uncovers some things that other people would rather forget and has some surreal encounters with a Confederate general. That last bit really caught me off-guard, and also calls into the question the mental state of Robicheaux, who also serves as the film's narrator. I really liked the way that the filmmakers play around with the concept of reality in this movie, because it adds some depth to a fairly standard story and it also works in the thematic context of the story itself. There were also some great supporting performances given by John Goodman, as a crime boss who is also investing in a movie being shot there, Peter Sarsgaard as actor in that movie, as well as Mary Steenburgen (Robicheaux's wife), Kelly MacDonald, Buddy Guy and Levon Helm. Each of these actors has moments in the film where they can show off their acting ability, and not a moment is wasted with them. Also of note is the stunning soundtrack, which is full of great blues tunes and native Cajun folk songs which really bring out and accentuate the Louisiana culture on display. The score also helps to establish and maintain the palpable dramatic tension as well as give some shades of melancholy which are also personified in Jones' weathered detective character. If there was one fault I could find with the movie, it's a third act twist which is a bit predictable and cliche, but fortunately it's resolved rather quickly. Overall, the real draw is the strong central performance by Tommy Lee Jones who does a great job of portraying a seasoned, hard-boiled detective with some flaws, but a good sense of right and wrong. I also especially liked the idea of transplanting the hard-boiled detective story into post-Katrina New Orleans. Highly recommended viewing.

Thomas B (it) wrote: Bernal's performance anchors this incredibly strange film with enthusiasm and charm. Full review later.

John R (it) wrote: 161121: Action packed episode. The Goblet of Fire is more pleasing than the previous films; at least to this 50 year old. Is it because of improvements in technology or a darker adult theme; or both? Perhaps it's the maturing of the cast? Regardless, I liked this one as much as the first. Some great special effects including...dragons! I almost want to say epic. Guess I did.

Mark D (it) wrote: Typical television crap due to horrible and flat direction. It's to bad that they didn't retain the spirit of the original series.

Shireen Z (it) wrote: A Merchant Ivory production about Picasso should've been so good - it's not! This is an almost trite documentation of this complex genius. Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore are very good.

Drew W (it) wrote: I give this an A+/100.