Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

An attempt to transform a Roman Western into a Greek tragedy.

An attempt to transform a Roman Western into a Greek tragedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (it) wrote: This is a little more like it, still not as good as the first one, but way better than the second one.

Ryan W (au) wrote: Terrible just terrible

Manos K (us) wrote: worse ending ever x.x

Bori M (it) wrote: Sono-san, can do no wrong.

Steve D (au) wrote: I hate the book, but there is something about the cast and the twist that made this so much better

Jacob F (gb) wrote: Don't really like this film. I found it pretty dull and boring. There were some nice moments of suspense. however once you learn what the aliens are hurt by and allergic to, you can't help but roll your eyes at how stupid it is.

tanya s (kr) wrote: did a book report on this one in secondary school...lmao!!!

Allan C (jp) wrote: I was quite surprised as the quality of the Darkman direct-to-video sequels. They're not brilliant, but they are tonally very true to the original, even if they're lacking the budget and star power of the original. The original film's writer/director/producer is still on hand here as producer and I think that helped the film greatly. Robert Durant is finally dead after being the villain in the first two films, so Jeff Fahey takes the reigns as the slick new villain who Darkman, Arnold Vosloo, must take down. The story is genuinely interesting when Darkman poses as Fahey and inadvertently finds himself being a better father to Fahey's family for the short time he was with them. Director Bradford May apes Raimi's style and has some clever visual moments, though it's still far short of Raimi's level of inventiveness. Overall, this is nowhere as good as the original, but it's pretty entertaining if you liked the first film.

Irina T (kr) wrote: I only found out about this movie because my American friend forced me to watch it. Initially I thought it would be very political and boring, but it turned out to be interesting, insightful, and very deep because it shows how red tape just fucks everything up even when it comes to saving human lives. This is a really good documentary about how people used to misunderstand what AIDS really was, and how its name came about. 9/10

chris p (fr) wrote: I am still desperately trying to get my hands on this film. It looks like Amazon is the only place that has it available, for a pretty penny too. Okay the date is June 7, 2012 and I just watched this movie. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be and to me isn't one of Verhoeven's best films.

Scott C (es) wrote: Super creepy opening scene. I barely remember the rest of the film, but that scene was awesome! Mario Bava was a cool director.

Greg S (es) wrote: An archeologist packs a frozen caveman head into a crate to ship it from China to Europe, but it comes to life and starts killing passengers on the trans-Siberian express. With Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Telly Savalas. This Hammer-style mix of Old World elegance and goofy-assed pseudoscience makes for a tolerable ride.

Jeannie H (nl) wrote: Over all I'd say this was a good movie, the jokes were crude, the idea was a good one... however it did seem to fal short in some areas. The chemistry between Cook and Alba was good in some scenes and non existant in others. Coming out of the movie I felt there was something missing and the best way to dcribe it is I felt like at some points in the movie they were just doing what they had to do to finsish the movie or just saying the lines. Some of it was delivered without much emotion. Overall though worth a watch but wait for DVD.

Lauren P (ca) wrote: The dialogue made the movie move excruciatingly slowly, much too slow for my liking. George's conflict is not fully explored and his problems seem to vaporize into thin air with the snap of his fingers. Come on, finishing a years worth of homework in three weeks? Cute movie though, you can't help but love Freddie Highmore