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Instructions Not Included

Valentin is Acapulco's resident playboy, until a former fling leaves a baby on his doorstep and him heading with her out of Mexico.

Valentin used to be a playboy until he is forced to raise his baby left by a woman who disappears without a trace. Coming to Los Angeles to find a new home for himself and his daughter Maggie, Valentin has became a Hollywood actor with the help of Maggie. After 6 years together, their family is threatened to tear apart when the birth mother of Maggie shows up and fights for getting Maggie back to her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (ca) wrote: Critics yet again got it wrong they usually always do! This movie was so good & the acting/cast was OUTSTANDING!!! I recommend this movie. A movie that displays what can happen to our veterans. Job well done!

Travis W (ag) wrote: While nothing revolutionary, this movie has its redeeming features, and though this is darker then others, fans of Nicholas Sparks will likely enjoy it.

miracle b (ru) wrote: i luv this movie it lets u know if u really want something u have reach for it and take it and when u fall u have to get right bac up and try again.

Juan A (au) wrote: The cast is good, and i enjoyed it because we get the chance to see how things are in Germany, and with Turkish......but the story is not good and it has flaws.

David F (fr) wrote: This is a minimalist character drama which focuses on the tribulations of a young woman living in Los Angeles whose husband is serving a prison sentence. It chronicles her financial, familial, and romantic struggles as she does all she can for her husband on the outside amid few joys and numerous setbacks. The film has a laser-like focus on the main character, Ruby, as she deals with an unsympathetic court system and a loving but also somewhat unsympathetic family. The drama is restrained but the characterization is also somewhat undercooked in this film made up of many small moments, mostly disappointments for Ruby as well as for the audience.

Alejandro C (kr) wrote: Entretenidilla, aunque previsible

Chris C (us) wrote: Funny and full of emotion, Juno balances humor and heart with its real-life subject matter and delivers a charming and terrific performance from EllenPage.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Monday, April 7, 2014 (1998) 3 Ninjas: High Noon On Mega Mountain FAMILY ACTION COMEDY Fourth "3 Ninjas" movie is a complete waste of time, during the time when much superior martial art movies with Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Jet Lee were restricted 'only' to be shown on Chinatown theatres throughout North America. Anyways, three very white Caucasian kids practising martial arts with their Japanese grandfather, coincidently thwarting a gang of hijackers lead by Medusa(Loni Anderson from WKRP fame) for millions of dollars from the owners of the "Mega Mountain" theme park. It's the youngest brother of the '3 ninjas' birthday, and he wanted to celebrate it at the Mega Mountain them park. At the same time, Dave "Dragon", ridiculously played by Hulk Hogan, is trying to prevent himself from being cancelled from his long running syndicated television show- also filmed on the 'Mega Mountain' theme park. The perfect movie intended for pre-schoolers, and a complete waste of time for anyone 8 years and up, considering what kids can watch these days from super hero movies and so forth. It says on the commercial box that 'it's fun for kids' quotation from well known critic from RT by the name of Rex Reed, who may have been paid to endorse this movie. One of the stupidest things I had ever saw was when, the so-called "three ninjas" are supposed to be fighting the bad adult ninjas in the dark, yet viewers can clearly see that it's still bright enough for them to see their fighting opponents. Movie, clearly made for white suburban white kids. Bomb, plus another minus 5

Kevin R (fr) wrote: Enjoyed back in the 90's and still enjoyable nearly 20 years later. not perfect but could have been a lot worse and no where near as bad as some claim.

Lucas Y (jp) wrote: Home Alone has not aged well, but it's still a well made film. John Hughes started losing his touch right around here. The John Williams score is great. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are perfect as the bumbling crooks. Who would've thought that? Macaulay Culkin was definitely one of the best, most spirited child actors of all time. Watching this as a 32-year old adult it just doesn't have the same magic it did when I was a kid.

Alden S (au) wrote: 3 out of 10:These films are going downhill. Sure it has some good action scenes but it's getting repetitive and predictable. I hope one of the next films will cover the flaws with great action and plenty of cool characters.

Nicolas B (au) wrote: Even though it's artistic, it ends up being boring.

Kaitlyn C (br) wrote: Such an amazing classic movie! If you want to expand your movie repertoire, definitely watch this! it's hilarious!

James H (it) wrote: 75/100. Exceptionally fine western, with Spencer Tracy giving a superb performance. Very well produced, good cinematography. The acting by all is very good, except for Robert Wagner, who is in way over his head. His performance is very wooden and it does hurt the film. Katy Jurado is particularly good in a supporting role, and she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. It's always interesting. It's a pleasure to see a western with a deep and moving plot. It won an Oscar for best screenplay.

Matt C (ru) wrote: In many ways a straight dramatisation of Tyler Hamilton's book, I loved that book so obviously I really enjoyed this film, not too sure you would if you come to the film with little interest in cycling though. Oddly enough for a film that derives so much from that work (for all the shot's of David Walsh he's basically a peripheral character here) he's never depicted on screen, probably due to some legal wranglings. What we do have though is Ben Foster's central transformation of Armstrong the let's be honest, total really is something to behold.

Shane J (ca) wrote: One of the best so bad it's good films. Watch it with a group of friends,have some booze and have a great time laughing!