An enigmatic tale of four people whose lives are intertwined by destiny are subject to the laws of fate. They discover that luck is something they cannot afford to be without as they gamble with the highest stakes possible in a deadly game from which only one of them will emerge intact.

An enigmatic tale of four people whose lives are intertwined by destiny are subject to the laws of fate. They discover that luck is something they cannot afford to be without as they gamble... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lori M (ca) wrote: hard to believe these two gorgeous men are fighting for Reese. Tom Hardy's lips make the movie worth watching.

Lee M (kr) wrote: There are standout moments within the mess of it all, but the film ultimately fails to be anything out of the ordinary due largely to a lack of focus and superfluous side stories.

Kristina Y (mx) wrote: Some of the stuff on there was stupid. But I had fun watching it.

Cha J (jp) wrote: There is something comfortable about Jarmusch's maudlin pace. Each vignette created that loose surrealism one comes to expect. I especially enjoyed the features of Coogan/Molina and Wu-Tang/Murray. The real prize, however comes in the end with a wonderfully serene coffee break between two elderly gentlemen discussing Mahler and fine wine.

John T (us) wrote: Ed. Furlong (from T2) watches girls kinda stalker-ly like from webcams. Not great...

Jasper M (de) wrote: A legitimately good action film, and not nearly as cheesy as you'd expect. The premise is incredibly stupid, but the characters are really strong-- Van Damme is both a really likable and endearing protagonist and a pretty creepy and threatening villain, and I really like that Rooker's character was a loose cannon cop who's actually a little unhinged and frightening. In addition, the action scenes are excellent: they make use of the environment really well, are all pretty inventive and original, and good Van Damme's fighting style--essentially that of a panicked child who happens to be an excellent martial artist--is original and intelligent. If you can get over the stupid, stupid premise and the worst science ever put on film, it's a damn fun movie.

Syn Z (us) wrote: a good movie for me to sleep! XD

Devin R (br) wrote: Finding the Spirit in a Hollow SoulDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas is nothing short of a classic representation that there is good in everyone, it just takes time and effort to find it. This extra-ordinary Christmas story written by the well respected Dr. Seuss is brought from comics to life by director Ron Howard who puts his own twist and taste to the story.Jim Carrey, the Grinch, is a citizen of Whoville, a place only found within a snowflake that reveres Christmas more than any other day of the year. Judging by outward appearance the Grinch doesn't fit in, he is a furry green man who hates Christmas. Now the Grinch wasn't always this way, we find this out through the efforts of one little girl named Cindy Lou Who, played by actress Taylor Momsen, in her efforts to solve the mystery as to why the Grinch hates Christmas she begins interviewing many of the citizens whom have shared relations with the Grinch. In the set of interviews we find the Mayor of Whoville, Mayor May Who who could be the main source of the Grinch's hatred of this Holliday as Mayor May Who actively bullied the Grinch all throughout school and specially on Christmas, because they both had a crush on the same girl Martha May Whovier.Martha May Whovier shares the time at a Christmas party where the Grinch was ridiculed by the class because of the gift he brought to her, he destroyed the party and ran away never to be seen again as he climbed Mt. Krampus a forbidden place to go. The years went by and he became nothing but a story and a symbol of anti Christmas spirit. For Cindy Lou there was a simple solution, befriend the Grinch and invite him to the 1000th Whobilation as the Whoville Holliday Cheermeister. Although this was a genuine thought it turned out to be disastrous as he terrorized the party and later that night on Christmas Eve the Grinch makes his move to steal all the presents in the town leaving nothing behind. As the city mourns in the morning the Grinch makes his way to the top of Mt Krampus, Cindy Lou decides to visit the Grinch in a last minute attempt to change him, which turns out to be the successful attempt as the grinch experiences a change of heart (literally). The Grinch begins to feel the love of Christmas and finally understands the meaning of it, its not about the gifts but the people that are in your life. Overall a chilling story to bring together a family around Christmas time where we can all learn to never judge another person because of what they look like or how they act, we can all change.

Franois M (us) wrote: A dark story that remind us we are encircled by dangerous people. We try to understand the main character's personality until the end... Theo Maassen and Lisa Smith give a nice performance. But no happy ending this time...

Eric R (au) wrote: Its such a shame that Paul Schrader is only really known for his contribution to Taxi Driver. Along with Rolling Thunder, Hardcore, and this, Schrader has proven that he really has a unique perspective on the the gritty undertones that inhabit our world. Light Sleepr is a fascinating film about a high class drug dealer whom comes to terms with himself and his profession. Usually I hate voice over as a device but it really works well here. Dafoe's character is intricately displayed using voiceover and as a viewer you really begin to care about his plight as a character. The story's seedy pre-guiliani setting only enhances the thematic elements of the film...

ANDERSON G (fr) wrote: "Blue Velvet" is a film of the eighties, with all the features of this decade, pop music, scenes through music video, features clothes, gray photography ... But it's a film that also has the face of Lynch, and what he wants to tell you is very simple: Nothing is perfect. The film begins by showing a beautiful and perfect neighborhood in a suburban city of the United States, and then the camera shows an anthill, making this analogy perfection, that throughout the film is much more detailed, full of scenes that make us question the sanity of it being shown, Lynch challenges us to understand a mystery that involves police, sex maniacs, psychopaths, drug dealers and crazy, the film has no misteriozinho, because halfway through the movie you already understand the "mystery", but still you want to continue watching the movie because you question why this happens, the script is brilliant, with suspense doses, comedy and romance, as the technical details I do not have much to talk about, because as I said before, is a typical 80s movie, nothing is very good or very noticeable, others more like the viewer, the acting is good, nothing great. Well, the movie is great, one of my favorite Lynch, and worth much apena gives a given.

Brian S (ca) wrote: Just as David Lynch has his "The Straight Story", Cronenberg has Fast Company. Far from anything else in his filmography, Cronenberg handles the simple drive-in movie script with some sense of pacing and style, but ultimately its kind of generic. However, William Smith and John Saxon both do a good job.

Elia D (au) wrote: Nice scenery, but it was pretty dull and put me to sleep after about an hour. Definitely not one of Jimmy Stewart's good westerns.

Derrick D (ca) wrote: All military subtext aside, this movie is well conceived and executed. I love the walking in the minefield sequence with Richard Baseheart. Good stuff. Apparently there's a cameo by a young James Dean, but I didn't catch it.

Andr D (au) wrote: Chris Columbus debuta como director con esta muy entretenida comedia familiar llena de situaciones jocosas. Los fanticos de "Goonies" y de "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" apreciarn mucho esta cinta llena de situaciones descabelladas que incluyen persecusiones, situaciones absurdas y a un mecnico muy parecido a Thor.