• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Internado torrent reviews

Kimberly P (kr) wrote: this movie is a great movie to see and i hope that everyone who hasn't seen it, will see it.

Daniel K (br) wrote: Nimoy does a superb job withe the narration. He also has some great material to work with as well. There is far more information packed into this 35-40 minute film than one finds in most of its kind. It's a wonderful overview of the physiological and technological experiments being conducted in space in the 80's and 90's. Nimoy provides just the right voice to inject many of the images with a true sense of wonder. It really makes me wish there were more quality films set in space and of course makes me want to watch Star Trek. The film raises fascinating possibilities as well; destiny in space is a very apt name. There is nothing new to me, but it's still entertaining and beautiful (on Blu-Ray).

Diego T (gb) wrote: Gloriously weird, Bagdad Cafe is unnecessarily deranged in every sense of the word.

Don P (nl) wrote: One of the Hitchcock five, and the one that's taken me all this time to get around to viewing it. It is quite simply bizarre. In no way like any other of the masters work and only works when you realise it is his 'Waiting For Godot' (as has been noted by other critics). Once you 'get' the sway of the dialogue and the light dance of the photography and music (Burks and Herrmann respectively) it is rather likeable and strange, strange, strange. A singular black comedy fairytale, surreal and odd, a Sunday afternoon movie with a corpse at its heart.

Chus v (gb) wrote: One of the 90s underrated gems. A bit bland, but still likeable and with a screenplay that demands audiences to pay attention. A film I rewatch from time to time, with clear influences by Capra and Ford, even more so than Spielberg's.

WS W (us) wrote: It opens like to be something for the first few glimpses, but then all being left is those trying-to-be big scenes with school project mentality.

Will M (de) wrote: While it does stand strong among other surrealist films, Inland Empire is still slightly flawed. On one hand, Lynch perfectly captures the disturbing atmosphere which the film requires, and some scenes in particular are incredibly disturbing, maybe even some of the most disturbing scenes Lynch has ever created. On the other hand, Lynch's new use of handheld digital cameras really took away from the overall experience. Many scenes are just clumsy or even unwatchable in their use of unnecessary close ups. I do believe that the film may have worked better had it used more steady, organized camerawork as it had been done in Mulholland Dr.. Some of the films use of song felt really out of place, and, lastly and most unfortunately, some of the acting was very spotty. Dern was very good in some parts, but many parts of the film consisted of her looking confused and asking "What?" Its distracting, but most of the other time she is actually very good.Don't like David Lynch? Don't watch this. It is way more dense and harder to sit through than Mulholland Dr., and much less goes on. Overall, the only changes I would have wanted would be to shorten it a little, fix the cinematography, and get rid of the misplaced songs. Otherwise, Inland Empire is an incredibly bizarre yet original film, and yet another great made by David Lynch.