The film presents a series of "true stories" all of which took place in the Austrian provinces from 1965 to 1975.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Simon's world is turned upside down when his little girl Katie is abducted during a family day out. After weeks of searching and appeals Katie's lifeless body is found. Simon is devastated,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barbaranne B (ag) wrote: Just finished watching Particle Fever. Documentary about group of scientists who eventually win the Nobel Prize for finding the elusive Higgs particle. It was exciting to see the passion that the scientists felt for their work. And, I saw something I had never ever seen before. People applauding explosively and in a heartfelt manner about these discoveries. People revering, appreciating, delighting in intelligence. Made me hit the books to see if I could grasp the physics.

Stacy M (nl) wrote: This was suprisingly a very cute film. It had a great cast and it really focused on issues that are becoming relevant in today's economy.

Wayne K (ca) wrote: My favourite entry (so far) in the Harry Potter Series, The Goblet Of Fire has an emotional weight not quite reached in the previous 3 movies. The actors have really come into their own, and seem very comfortable with their roles. Radcliffe takes on the part of an angsty teen with realism and believability, showing us that, despite being a much-admired wizard, he has no magic to fight off the horrors of puberty. Burgeoning adolescence is an underlying theme here, and it's explored so effectively and with such heart that I actually found myself feeling deeply for the characters, particularly in regards to the romance between Ron and Hermione, which contains undoubtedly the most moving scene. The effects are still spectacular, the action scenes are tense and engaging, and while the supporting characters don't have a lot to do, the focus is maintained where it needs to be. It might go on a bit long, and the climax is somewhat disappointing, but it brings a greater depth and seriousness, while managing to be funnier than even. That's quite an achievement, and the film pulls it off with style.

Susie S (mx) wrote: I forgot how much I love Madonna

Craig R (ag) wrote: Matt Cordell is back and better than ever! Maniac Cop 2 leaves off right where the first ended. In part, Cordell gets a psycho stripper killer buddy, goes on a rampage, gets the ultimate revenge and finally gets what he deserves in this "even better than the first one" sequel. This film is more serious than part 1, as well as more entertaining. There is kind of a second story intertwined with the main and they eventually meet up at some point. Overall a great watch! Be sure to check out the rap song during the end credits as well for a good laugh!

Alicia C (nl) wrote: Remember watching this as a child, and fell in love all over again. Thank you TCM for bringing back memories.

Barry T (mx) wrote: An odd musical but also its kinda of warm, fuzzy and an indie quirky hit. Bowning is great in the lead role of a girl who loves making music. Wriiten and directed by Belle and Sebastians front man Stuart Murdoch. Kooky

Jude P (kr) wrote: History has depicted in brilliance. But wish too much exploit on sex had not been in the limelight

Kirk B (ag) wrote: Good movie. Honestly would have made a better series than Divergent. I enjoyed it.

Jason B (es) wrote: The next syfy hit is here in Lavalantula, it's so ridiculous it's awsome!!!!!!