After the FBI receives a threat that endangers the entire city, an interrogator (Copeland) and an I.T. specialist (Perry) are plunged into a series of mind games with a criminal mastermind, desperately racing against time to uncover the villain's true agenda as they fight to protect thousands of lives. Copeland and Perry deliver a knockout blow in this electrifying thriller that crackles with edge-of-your-seat suspense.

The film follows an FBI interrogator (Adam Copeland) and an IT specialist (C.J. Perry) have to play a criminal mastermind's mind games, desperately racing against time to uncover his true agenda as they fight to save their city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Interrogation torrent reviews

Khaled M (jp) wrote: It needed more effort.

Stewart F (it) wrote: Do funny. We all know a Barry :-)

Sheena D (mx) wrote: best movie ive seen that has to do with a tornado

Paul D (es) wrote: As a documentary its style is very ordinary, but the real life Black Beauty-esque story of Nim's life is exceptionally strong material.

Ian C (au) wrote: Collyer follows up the excellent 'Sherrybaby' with this downright depressing romantic drama. I loved it. Watts is amazing in it. One of her greatets performances as is Dillion. Serious twitch off Watts.

Cyndi H (es) wrote: The only reason I gave it three stars is because Natalia Livingston rocks! The movie sucks though!!!

Millo T (gb) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. Atypical.

Angela S (fr) wrote: Only because it's not possible to give minus stars.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: A lesser-known gem that is another classic Spaghetti Western about revenge with plenty of shooting and a soundtrack that's almost perfect. It even stood as an example to Tarantino's Kill Bill movies.

Melissa P (au) wrote: Very cute. Great chemistry between Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.

Johnson C (nl) wrote: How come the professional lawyers would be distracted so easily. If there is the dream of Al Pacino of creating threats to himself would be more feasible, but would become cliche.

Trenton R (us) wrote: Absolute all-time favorite movie!