An eclectic group of people drawn from all walks of life find themselves under one roof for twenty-eight days with one thing in common, addiction.

An eclectic group of people drawn from all walks of life find themselves under one roof for twenty-eight days with one thing in common, addiction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adesh P (mx) wrote: Tashan raises one general and one very important social question;1.) Did they not read the script before filming?2.) Why none of the audience filed a PIL against it?Its not only a complete waste of time, its an outright assault to senses. But even in this banal, structurally fractured, criminally boring, confused, insipid opera of foolishness and a grammatically wrong film you have to be a churl to not give credit to fabulous costumes, editing, sound and camerawork. Also, to a certain extent, its Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar who manage to save the day. While music and production design like most other things are, most of the times, a sheer embarrassment. But Dil dance mare, in particular is very well written, shot, choreographed and performed.There is one more thing I??d really like to talk about. There is one very important ploy that its narrative uses, of changing perspectives. The film starts with Saif, switches to Akhay and then finally to Kareena. It indeed does sound interesting. But then years ago, there was another film called Dazed and Confused made by Linklater and that also used the same ploy of constantly switching point of views. It was clearly an experiment at that time too and one can definitely argue whether it was successful at it or not but one cant deny that at least there was some method to it. But here in Tashan, it all seems very uneven and a mishmash. Also the idea of characters talking to camera to express their point of view is very old, boring and in this case, verbose too. In all, I guess this film is just another case of a director forgetting that there will be more films he??ll get to make in future and all the ideas, especially when they don??t get along too well and are counter productive, shouldn??t be used in one single film.

Rogga F (br) wrote: Absolutely loved it. Has a very truthful sense to it and stays true to the underground, indie scene.

Dr N (es) wrote: Cute "be yourself" morals for kids, I also really enjoyed the happy music.

Jesse L (ru) wrote: this is a funny movie, very strange but in reminded me of a bet my buddy would wanna do. i love how he staples everything on himself haha!

G R (kr) wrote: This is actually a pretty good film!

Steve J (jp) wrote: Nose army. Beef diaper. Mountainous mayonnaise brigade? Falafel. Ambassador jumpsuit landmine. Weevil transgression vociferously imitating squirrels. Pesticide cakewalk, deleterious nun spandex, full river dice moat camp sausage. Crackling oak masters? Plaster dumbwaiter chew. Storms. Simultaneous typewriter storms. Little girl died, old man lightning farther breakage. Salamander baiting principal. Nerve candy marsupials. Quiet obsidian camel files roof wardrobe. Bad nougat chiding, philanthropy hirsute gold shovel. Leaning on Rome makes blue shoes.I should add that I have serious doubts about gravity as well...

Vibhooti M (jp) wrote: Revisiting a classic. Gets even better the second time around. Almost impossible to adapt to live animation, without killing the spirit.

Alex C (us) wrote: Utterly unwatchable. Made me so angry!

Tabitha M (au) wrote: I HATE this movie. It's cast is annoying. It's plot is annoying. It's enough to send anyone "postal worker".

Kevin R (jp) wrote: I wonder how many days I get for man slaughter.A woman tells a therapist of her strong desire to get rid of as much cash as possible. Her therapist feels this is very strange behavior for a rich woman and is dying to know how her disposition came to be. She tells him a tale of her four husbands and their rise to fame and their unfortunate deaths. What advice can the therapist give the woman and how can she be plagued by such bad luck?"He has money.""You better go get it."J. Lee Thompson, director of Cape Fear (1962), Conquest for the Planet of the Apes, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, The White Buffalo, Firewalker, Death Wish 4, Kinjite, and Messenger of Death, delivers What a Way to Go. The storyline for this picture was very mediocre and a bit disappointing. I didn't find the characters particularly fascinating but the acting was very good. The cast includes Robert Mitchum, Shirley MacLain, Paul Newman, Dean Martin, Gene Kelley, Dick Van Dyke, and Margaret Dumont."What do you expect from me, instance analysis?"I DVR'd this picture because Paul Newman, one of my all time favorite actors, starred in this picture. He honestly isn't in this picture very much. This film felt like an excuse to put together an all star cast to draw people to the movies. I did think the dialogue between characters was very good as were the interactions, but I didn't find the movie particularly interesting. Overall, this movie is very plain. I'd skip it."The plane is ready."Grade: C

Katie M (au) wrote: So many harp on Tony and Audrey being "miscast" in this, but come on -- that's only because they were stepping out of their comfort zones for a change. If this had been the film debut for both, nobody would have had anything negative to say. I thought they were both great. Audrey was perfectly acceptable as an engimatic jungle nymph, and Tony could easily pull off being of some sort of Hispanic descent. Give 'em a break!