Intimate Parts

Intimate Parts

Contemporary Moscow, home to several people who apparently lead a totally carefree life. They have all acquired status in society, and at first sight seem to have everything they desire. But each of them is lacking something, and each has their own intimate secret.

"Intimate Parts" is an ironic melodrama about middle-class Muscovites. Each of them has a personal secret, hidden from others - the "intimate part". The main character, a scandalous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennette C (fr) wrote: Think Amanda needs to watch this one !

Lee M (it) wrote: Tackles the iconoclastic nature of its subject both personally and professionally, making a persuasive, emotionally involving case for the dark, troubled flipside of genius.

Caitlin L (kr) wrote: She played the role very well.

bill s (kr) wrote: One of LaBeouf better films is a old creepy stile throwback to Hitchcock's Rear Window and the master director would be proud.

John G (ag) wrote: poor cinematics. poor acting.... poor casting....two words ron jeremy... need i say more.....

Benjamin B (au) wrote: Funny, unique, entertaining, and flat out honest. This movie is an absolute must see.

Ariel K (ca) wrote: one of my top ten definately, maybe even top five. everything about this movie is everything movies should be.

Kurt F (es) wrote: 12/19/15 This very much has the feel that it was adapted from a Broadway production. The story feels very generic at the beginning, and the acting feels over the top- pretty much like Broadway. The story does get a little deeper half way through or so. It was a fine film to watch as somewhat of a background distraction. Nothing earth shattering. I'm not a 4 Seasons fan, but everyone knows a lot of these songs and they are fun to hear on the big screen. So it was pleasurable, but there are better films out there.

Cain L (it) wrote: A crazy, gory 2 hour spectacle that boasts satirical themes of jingoism and fascism in U.S. foreign policy and the military, esp. when it comes to recruiting people.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: Similar to the way the Batman films retains the stylish darkness, this animated counterpart of Superman released at the same time as the live-action counterpart refresh "Man of Steel" retains the superb nature - also mean as an average Superman film that excels. It's packed with sharp animation that'd made it action-packed and strong, some warmth that was well-developed in both the romance and the family value area, and continues on communicating another message about the planet's diversity and environment that Superman protects. With those qualities being said, it's a combo of special qualities that were seen in some of DC Comics' previous entries. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

T24K R (it) wrote: I have not read the book sooo ...Storyline is very good but a poor screen adaptation. Acting was not very good and even the scripts. For a major life event, it's poorly done and missing so many opportunities.