Koreyoshi Kurahara’s ingeniously plotted, pocket-size noir concerns the intertwined fates of a desperate bank manager, blackmailed for book-cooking, and his resentful but timid underling, passed over for a promotion. The marvelously moody Intimidation (Aru kyouhaku) is an elegantly stripped-down and carefully paced crime drama.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:65 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A bank manager is blackmailed into robbing his own bank. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Griffin J (us) wrote: The Cut stars Tahar Rahim as an Armenian man who is taken away from his family by the Turkish military during World War I. This movie is a heart pounding and brutal piece of historical fiction set at the dawn of the Armenian genocide, and is not something to be taken lightly. It's the tale of an atrocity that is extremely relevant today due to its depiction of corrupt militaries, clashing of the Christian and Muslim religions, and refugees trying to escape from bloody conflict. Tahar's character, Nazaret, is forced into slave labor by the Turkish government as the war rages across the continent. Once his crew of slaves complete their task they are sentenced to be executed, but Nazaret's executioner takes pity on him and merely ruptures the side of his throat rather than slicing it. However, this injury causes Nazaret to be a mute for the rest of the film, forcing him to bear witness to some of the worst humanity has to offer without having a word to retort. The Cut manages to shock and grab its audience all the way through... for the first half of the film. The second half almost feels like director Fatih Akin didn't quite know what direction to take it in. Once the genocide is over, and the Turks leave, Nazaret sets out on a quest to find his twin daughters who have lived in a variety of spots around the world since their father was taken from them. What follows is a somewhat out of place globetrotting adventure that takes our hero to places like Cuba and even Minneapolis. This change of pace isn't helped by the fact that the film is awkwardly edited with abrupt cuts to some moments and uncomfortably sharp changes in tone from scene to scene. However, because of the variety of locations, the landscapes manage to steal the show. With the exception of one scene that had obvious green screen, the whole film looks beautiful, showing lush contrasts between Earth's different continents. Overall, a flawed film but certainly one that is extremely relevant, gorgeous, and shocking throughout.

kiminy e (ru) wrote: An obscure movie about finding one's way in the world.

Greg S (nl) wrote: A mentally unstable man meets a modern day Marquis de Sade who holds blasphemous rituals in his basement and convinces his guest to commit himself to an insane asylum run by the inmates. In between scenes we see clips of steaks and disembodied tongues slithering about. It's bizarre, but not the strangest from surrealist animator Svankmejer; if you squint hard, it even looks like an ordinary horror movie. The tag line says it best: "Edgar Allen Poe + the Marquis de Sade + Jan Svankmejer = Lunacy."

Samy A (ru) wrote: "It only took 9 years"Pretty smart for such a dumb/silly movie. Also, a little unsettling due to the evidence that we may be heading in this direction.

William (nl) wrote: Foreign, Czech. Good movie. Funny in some parts and sad in others. Average story, but done in a very good way. All people tied by a common thread. I liked it.

Raji K (nl) wrote: Disney presents Tarzan. This is not the first time they have presented a kid in the Jungle, as they did many years ago in the classic The Jungle Book. Tarzan is a well known and defined story in its own right, but it has never been one of my favorites. In Disney's version he is raises by gorillas til he becomes an adult. Somehow his childhood friends do not appear to grown up with him. When humans enter the jungle, he comes across a hunter Clayton the main antagonist of the film. Clayton a Gaston like villain but not as memorable. Tarzan falls in love with another human Jane, and begins to follow his heart and learn the ways of humans. The story unfolds in a typical fashion, and features sub-par songs. Tarzan is clearly the beginning of the decline for animated Disney films as this is a bottom tier 2 Disney animated picture.

Lenny R (gb) wrote: One of the weakest entries in the series, steering away from the somewhat darker tone of GoldenEye, firmly back into Roger Moore territory. Brosnan tries much of the time to play it straight, but the story is too superficial and the dialogue often too silly, with possibly a record number of excruciating puns (thanks to Bruce Fierstein, the guy who wrote all GoldenEye's dud-liners, here the solo writer), for this approach to work. Director Roger 'Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot' Spottiswoode doesn't help, treating things as superficially as his writer. Sure, a Bond director should avoid imposing a style that is at odds with what people expect from a Bond movie - *koff!*Tamahori*koff!* - but SOME style would be nice. The look of this movie has dated much more than those either side of it - both handled by skilled, seasoned directors who understood the aesthetics of a Bond film. This guy just...doesn't.The villain, Elliot Carver, isn't exactly a formidable nemesis, and Jonathan Pryce plays him as an entitled, whiny little snot. Despite the heinous acts he has his minions carry out, he has no menace to him whatsoever. His henchman, Herr Stamper, is not a particularly distinctive character. Gotz Otto makes him come off like a scowling poseur. Again, no menace. The rent boy get-up doesn't help. The idea of Bond having to reconnect with a past lover is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the plot, but Paris is so annoying you can see why he left her in the first place. Or maybe that's just because she's played by Teri Hatcher, of whom I've never been a fan. Ricky Jay is OK, but his character, Gupta, seems to have wandered in from a different movie. Vincent Schiavelli could never disappoint me, but his character, the evil torturer Dr Kaufman, who could have been a classic henchman, is played entirely for laughs. While his scene is pretty funny, it could have been so much more had it not been treated with such a light touch. Moneypenny, who was modernised a bit in Goldeneye, reverts back to her old form here, and has probably the worst lines in the movie. Samantha Bond does what she can with it, but, like Brosnan, that isn't much. The talents of Geoffrey Palmer and Colin Salmon are pretty much wasted. Joe Don Baker's Wade, who served as comic relief in GoldenEye but still managed to qualify as a character, is here a buffoonish caricature in a ridiculous hat. Wai Lin is just as badly written as everyone else, and Michelle Yeoh is ridiculously overqualified to play her. She's one of my favourite actresses ever to play a Bond 'girl', but there's just nothing she can do with such a bland character. There is one scene in which she gets to show off her kung-fu skills, but it feels like it's been spliced in from a better (though still not great) movie. The motorcycle/helicopter chase is an interesting idea, especially the touch of having Bond and Wai Lin handcuffed together, forcing them to cooperate and trust each other. But it's stupid that out of all the bikes they had to choose from they chose the biggest, heaviest one there - that just happened to be a BMW. I remember someone (possibly Spottiswoode, but I don't care enough to check) saying they didn't want them to just happen upon a lightweight, zippy trailbike when they needed one, and wanted to give them a challenge. If that's the case, ALL the bikes should have been heavy cruising bikes, otherwise why the hell WOULDN'T they choose a lightweight, zippy trailbike? And then, of course, Wai Lin removes her lockpick earring and opens the cuffs - AFTER the chase, because...I don't know.The best bit of action is the car chase, in which they seem to have tried to make up for the lack of car gadgets in GoldenEye by cramming in every trick imaginable. It is very silly, with Bond using his tricked-out phone to drive by remote control from the back seat, but good fun. The only problem I have is that, again, it's a BMW, and this time it's a sedan. A BMW sedan. BMW. Sedan.Sheryl Crow's theme song isn't great. It doesn't sound like Sheryl Crow, as though she's trying too hard to emulate the 'Bond theme' genre, rather than bringing her own style to it. The rejected original song, written by David Arnold and Don Black and sung by k.d. lang, is a better song, but too much of a throwback for my taste.

James H (jp) wrote: The films main flaw is shallow and unlikable characters. The screenplay is poor, with the actors rambling on and on aimlessly with apparently little or no direction. Peter Gallagher is bad in a lead role. Pointless and not worth watching.

Lee P (nl) wrote: James woods puts in a really good performance about this true story of a complete nutter.

Lindsay M (de) wrote: The film was very well acted and there was alot of heart between Hanks and the female lead. The score of the film however felt wrong and oddly out of place in the Jerusalem setting. The ending also felt off. Especially after the serious discussion the girl had with her father. It was a bit too light hearted for the seriousness of the decision.

Kainan J (gb) wrote: This movie was not amazing, it felt like I was watching 90% of every other high school/college sports movies. But it was still good enough for to give 3 stars, and partially because there has never been a Lacrosse movie done before.