Into Temptation

Into Temptation

A call girl goes to a priest to confess a sin she hasn't committed yet: she plans to kill herself on her next birthday. Then she disappears and he goes looking for her, enlisting the help of an ad hoc congregation of troubled souls along the way. A story about forgiveness.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:catholic priest,  

A prostitute plans to end her life on her birthday, but her priest attempts to stop her from doing so. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan H (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie! great cast,as well as plot!

Sharyl W (us) wrote: Filmed in Kansas City, you will undoubtedly recognize many Plaza, Westport, Downtown views. I spotted some KC actors, too. Beautiful homes (!), cars, animals (especially thoroughbred horses, pedigreed dogs, bird), back roads you will want to find and drive, and also the cast. In fact, the whole film is beautiful. Peter Coyote is perfect as the bottom-line grandfather and Vivien Cardone is charming as Belle. Appropriate for family viewing.

Aaron G (ca) wrote: Not at all what I was expecting. I think I liked this more than it deserved just for the nostalgia factor of seeing a sprawling epic that isn't all green screen.

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: Martin Rosen's second animated film is a powerful piece of work, which is based on Richard Adams novel of the same name. The Plague Dogs is perhaps one of the grittiest films of its kind that I have seen, comparable to films like Barefoot Gen. This is a hearfelt account of the hardships of two dogs who escape from an animal testing lab and have to do all they can to survive live in the Lake District wilderness. The perceived haven of the real world that they envisioned soon turns out to be anything like Rowf and Snitter had hoped. However the friendship that is established through out the film between the two dogs and a rogue fox whom they meet, is touching and at times heartbreaking. To delve much further into the story would be to spoil certain aspects of the film, so that shall be left down to the viewer to discover.Suffice to say, the main strength of Plague Dogs is paradoxically the reason the film has found itself in obscurity. Exactly how do you make a commercial success of an animation of this nature? The films strength is the bravery with which Rosen tackles the story. Much like his treatment of Watership Down, he doesn't dilute the vigour of the source material, to do so would be to insult the messages within the story. The result is a largely downbeat film that isn't suitable for, nor is it likely to interest younger children. My DVD of Plague Dogs includes the edited 80 minute version and the original uncut UK theatrical release which is roughly 100 minutes. It's worth mentioning that the original version is in poor shape, it hasn't been restored at all, in fact it's not in much better condition than the old video tape that I used to have. It's a shame that this film that has been neglected over the past 30 years continues to receive such shoddy treatment. Perhaps they still just don't know how to market a film about anthropomorphic dogs, which is also about vivisection, is as lo-fi as any animation film that I have seen, contains strong language (albeit infrequent) and a constant underlying brutality. Yet underneath it all there is a film about loyalty, friendship and hope. Perhaps this is a case of Shawshank without the Redemption and lets face it, people in general don't take well to films that don't have a pay off, some kind of reward for their hard work. That said, anyone with a heart that isn't made of stone will get the appeal of this wonderful film if only they knew about it. Criminally snubbed by the mainstream, this what animation really should be. Profoundly moving, it's just a shame that it's fearless storytelling style didn't garner greater attention.

Tonda S (it) wrote: yeah easy is as easy does

Natalie B (ca) wrote: Clark Gable is lacking his usual charm in an unsympathetic, dull part. The ridiculous stereotypes of Italians are laughable and the antics of the little kid are kind of shocking to us used to political-correctness (getting drunk, smoking, etc.)

Filippo V (fr) wrote: Tra i classici d'animazione meno conosciuti, Saludos Amigos riesce ancora ad emozionarci, tutto in meno di un ora ed in tema sudamericano.

Guilherme N (br) wrote: Broken promise... my problem, maybe

Justin N (fr) wrote: if u didn't know it's released on illegal movie websites and it was decent not the best but decent

Kyle M (ca) wrote: Driven with an appealing cast and the comedic energy they bring while at the same time managed to keep you intrigue, under a "Rear Window"-like vibe that satirize the atmospheric life of the suburbs, towards a satisfying turnout. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Thomas B (es) wrote: Fans of the show won't be let down and for those who are just starting out, this is a fitting introduction. Full review later.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Not as bad as I remember. Your basic Romeo and Juliet story, but cool enough back story for the series. I think the absence of Kate Beckinsale is what hurt it...

Trinity C (gb) wrote: Aliens again!*hums X-Files theme*

Shannon G (gb) wrote: John Carney is a brilliant writer, musician, director. I've seen two of his movies, so far, "Begin Again" and now "Sing Street," and LOVED them. The fact that "Sing Street" is set in the 1980s AND in Dublin, Ireland makes it doubly wonderful.

D M (nl) wrote: On Halloween night a group of two men and a woman take over a tavern at closing time intent on eating the remaining patrons and workers. Liam McPoyle is one of the cannibals (the other would have been more aptly played by Charlie Kelly). The comedy wasn't very good; it was gross for the sake of being gross. Sarah Silverman has a small part.