Into the Blue

Into the Blue

When they take some friends on an extreme sport adventure, the last thing Jared and Sam expect to see below the shark-infested waters is a legendary pirate ship rumored to contain millions of dollars in gold. But their good fortune is short-lived, as a ruthless gang of criminals gets word of what they have uncovered.

When a group of young divers discover the wreckage of a cargo plane at the bottom of the sea, they believe their dream of buried treasure has come true. But instead, it's their nightmare. Now they are in a deep trouble with a drug lord. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tabitha M (br) wrote: I hadn't really been interested in seeing this film. The tale just seemed cliche and to me Hillary Duff's presence pretty much sums up the quality of the movie.I was a little wrong. Hilary is annoying, but bearable. And I am almost embarrassed to say that this film is a guilty pleasure. There is something... charming and sweet about it. Sure, it's nothing new. And perhaps I'm a sentimental old fool, but I thought it was okay. Nightmarish big family, but okay, haha. I felt exhausted for them just watching.I'm surprised Bonnie Hunt hasn't gotten much recognition over the years. She always gives solid performances and is delightful on screen.

Jean S (jp) wrote: Somewhere in the movie the plot and the actors get boring.

Keiko A (es) wrote: Toshiro Mifune is at it again with this Sensational, deeply moving samurai flick thats worth WATCHING!!! AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! The 18th century was a great time in these era of films still the 16th century always has me. I liked the acting and story and costumes and ECT.

Tyler Y (au) wrote: I have to confess that while watching this film, I scarcely paid attention to the unfoldings of the plot. That being said, I've the feeling that even then, I took away all I needed to from the narrative so far as the dialogue and character interactions were concerned. The real meat of this film lies in the visual presentation--and it does so immaculately. The use of vibrant color, shadows, stylized staging, and genre crossing approach to what seemed to be an otherwise typical crime thriller is what really pops here--the story serves only to present these elements to the viewer.

Sundeep B (nl) wrote: A national geographic documentary follows a lioness into her desperate journey for survival for her and her 3 cubs. Magnificently told/directed by award winning film maker Dereck and Beverly Joubert and magistically narrated by Oscar winner, Jeremy Irons.Its a must see for a number of reasons, how the law of jungle works and most importantly how human beings are destroying the ecology of these incredible animals.

Augustine H (jp) wrote: I just don't get the charm.

James M (it) wrote: A weak sequel with poor jokes and an annoying Rosie O'Donnell performance.