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After a massive power outage, two sisters learn to survive on their own in their isolated woodland home.

In a world that is increasingly dependent on electricity, a power outage seems like an awful predicament. Mankind is using electricity for the past 140 years, but still, we can't imagine ourselves living in a world deprived of electricity. In such a difficult and dreary situation found themselves a father and his two daughters, after a seemingly normal power outage lingered on, changing the lives of everyone in the region. What was the reason for this outage? Is it regional, or does it affect the whole country? No one really knows and as time passes, the family will have to put to the test its survival skills, adaptability and endurance, but most of all, the integrity of the familial bonds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Walt W (fr) wrote: Touching story of a young man who finds his purpose in India serving children and families who have HIV. It's not neat and tidy and wrapped up with a bow, but that's how most of life is.

Arnold K (gb) wrote: A really good psychological thriller

Aaron K (nl) wrote: Great the last several scenes!

Brian C (mx) wrote: Wow this movie was bad! Jeremy Strong turned in one of the weakest performance I've ever seen by a leading actor. His performance was the least engaging and believable in a movie filled with roles and performances that totally missed the mark.

Noname (jp) wrote: Mickey Rourke are back again after his comeback with The Wrestler and have managed quite good with this flick aswell. Its a crime action movie about a hitman with target in sights.. a fairly simple story / movie in the average level i would say. I enjoyed it and can highly recommend it.

Clay B (jp) wrote: WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT (2004)

MEC r (fr) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Daniela T (fr) wrote: I love this movie! It makes me laugh and mourn the end!

Russell H (gb) wrote: While funny at times, I kept finding myself wondering why they couldn't get Kurt Russell to play Colton. Michael Douglass is awesome now that he is old, but here, he is creepy.

Stanley C (br) wrote: The story has no strong elements to impress the audience, and actually does the opposite of impress. Godzilla is supposed to be strong, powerful and does not lay eggs like a chicken. This is an incompetent slave and disgrace to the far more superior Japanese films from 1954 to 1995 produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka.

John R (us) wrote: 140718: Won't adjust my rating b/c any loss of satisfaction is likely due to a passage of time, not the quality of this film. Loved it the first time I saw it. Still find it quite good. Brought back memories of the comic and made me want to dig out that series. Don't come looking for a flawless story. Just sit back, relax and escape for a couple hours. Nasty, violent fun to be had. Ben Foster was awesome much like I found him in 3:10 to Yuma. Mark Boone Junior made me smile.

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