Intoarcerea Vlasinilor

Intoarcerea Vlasinilor


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Intoarcerea Vlasinilor torrent reviews

Alex W (it) wrote: Fuck all who hate on this film.

Orlok W (us) wrote: A turning point in contemporary horror--Nice Little Slice of Suspense!!

bill s (it) wrote: Quaid gives one of his better performances in a funny and very entertaining and well acted drama.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: Among many of my complaints about this movie is that besides Travolta, nobody really ages at all, never mind 10 years plus. Also movies or tv shows about fire fighters just can't compare to Rescue Me, at all.

Hajir J (ca) wrote: The fact it's based on true story makes me like it more

Dedmeet C (kr) wrote: A typical family movie, but a little bit more grown up story wise, and not even remotely as predictable as I feared. All in all its a pretty decent movie. These sorts of films are usually quite predictable and cheesy, and with absolutely nothing too upsetting (or interesting) going on in the story/plot so as not to upset anyone - at all, anywhere, ever... Boooring. This movie is a nice exception from those rules. It has a good cast and takes place in some very beautiful settings (cleverly worked into the plot), sceneries which I personally appreciate a lot. The basic plot of the storyline is rather simple, but as mentioned above not everything is portrayed candy sweet - people actually have real people issues and problems which really turns up the drama a lot, and they are worked into the plot of the movie in a good way. So - a good, beautiful, dramatic film about two girls, friendship and some mysterious gold.

Hillary D (ru) wrote: I love Beethoven's music. This is a nice depiction of him.

Jamey T (au) wrote: kinda corny but it still has it's moments.

Alex S (de) wrote: Brilliant early 80s horror

George W (nl) wrote: "Hey, we can do the show right here". This has its origins in the slew of "pop" films made in the late 50's early 60's, The ones that usually starred Cliff Richard. The cast look at odds with the dialogue. Daniels looks and acts like a demented sock puppet, probably trying too hard to inject some passion. The complexities of the original album themes, and his character, watered down for mass appeal. Its a checkbox film:Scooters n Parkas - CheckMods v Rockers - CheckInter-Generational Conflict - checkSex n Drugs - CheckChicken shit ending - check

Waleed A (mx) wrote: great movie with an enthralling story and superb acting by denzel. his acting job was seriously amazing. so many intense and suspenseful scenes. they did a great job of making you root for him. so many heart-wrenching moments. there were also a couple of questionable parts and some cheesy/corny parts (about 3 viewings)

Fong K (mx) wrote: This atmospheric psychological drama about a young woman battling depression and recurrences of her cult past is as baffling as the abrupt open ending.