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Intohimon vallassa

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BRUNO V (fr) wrote: Oke one ...Ushi goes Borat-style !

Kester E (de) wrote: Short, Fun and entertaining as always

Don S (nl) wrote: Slice of life indie comedy featuring a knockout performances by Ashley Rickards and an eye-opening Haley Joel Osment. This is a life in the doldrums for certain. Rickards plays Bethany with the right mixture of innocence and determination to make something better of herself. The story situations are somewhat ludicrous, but the overall effect is watchable. Give it a shot.

Mackayla b (kr) wrote: Different twist on an old tale

Tyson P (es) wrote: just an all around terrible movie...suppose to be a zomcom but i never even seen anyone trying to be funny....effects were terrible even for a no-budget m,ovie. nothing good comes from this.

Kristine T (au) wrote: This movie is weird. I only watched it to see Rickman and Thompson. I love it when they work together... and with southern accents, what more can you ask for? Perhaps for Alan Rickman to break into song? For now, we can only dream. Unfortunately for this movie, they're probably the only reason to watch it. The rest of this movie was kinda boring, and I found myself skipping through till the next Rickman or Thompson scene came up. Having only 'watched' about half the film, I was still able to fully understand the story.

Ian C (br) wrote: Not complete and utter pig spunk but a really forgettable and predictable horror. It has one really chilling moment in the crche when the child whispers in the black kid's ear. From then on in it is just a case of counting down the running time. Climax is wank as well.

David H (it) wrote: Welcome to my favorite Movies this hillarious Hommage to Screwball Comedy and Film Noir make me laugh out loud the whole Time and warm my Heart this is a Theme many Film Freaks interessed many of them live in the Movies and forget about Real Life make the Life to a Movie go out and have Fun meet a Girl especially that Kind of Girl like in this Movie or in the Old Movies Lucy Lyu is a bewichting Blue Angel when you meet some Girl like that take the Chance you don't get em that much

Mike L (de) wrote: Not near as good as when I was a young rebellious teenager. Now it's just trash.

Paxton A (fr) wrote: This movie smells so good.

Troy F (kr) wrote: Mac And Me is a sheer example of guilty pleasure. The film is full of problems and issues, from it's obvious rip-off of E.T. to the overblown nature of the film to be something bigger than it is (despite being cheap), creepy looking aliens, forced product placement of Coca-Cola and McDonalds (guess where the name Mac came from...), and so much more. At least Alan Sylvestri did the score, which sounded nice... except the same cue was used far too much! With the concept being so ridiculous already though, how can you go into this movie expecting better? Well, you can't. That's where you start watching the movie for what it is and realizing that it's hilariously bizarre in a fun way. Sure, the dramatic scenes are laughable, the big moments are completely over the top, then there's a grand McDonalds dance sequence that... well, I really can't explain, but rarely is there a dull moment. The last 20 minutes of the film is jarring in a bad and comical way because of its radical tonal shift. It's meant to be a sad, but heartfelt mood but rather comes off just cold and out of nowhere! Then the ending... just wow. Happily ever after bullshit. It's bad, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a good laugh out of it. Mac and Me has some value for how silly it is, and not one of the worst movies ever. it's bad, but in my eyes, a true contender for one of the worst films would be something that's devoid of any entertainment in any form. Mad and Me failed to be a genuinely moving family flick, but did succeed at being entertaining for that reason!

Sunil J (de) wrote: movie about violence and love, technically the movie is brilliant. perfect in every department.

Joe S (fr) wrote: Not even one of my all time favorite actors could save this dud. I'm sorry to say this movie is just bad.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: With its breath-taking, timeless climax and a big pack of gags throughout, this is probably the most hilarious silent comedy I've seen so far, with an underrating. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Sheila H (ru) wrote: Not bad for a children movie; however, the monkey was very annoying.