In childhood and youth, the three were "the inseparables." Luisa married Ángel, then two years later, she left him to marry Ramiro. After ten years, Ángel reappears, back from South America, broke and ill. Luisa is overcome with sentimentality and, over Ramiro's objections, takes Ángel into their house. Ángel is bitter, he and Ramiro have shifted from best friends to enemies. Luisa wants to be in love with both. Ramiro hopes he can wait out Ángel's declining health, and Luisa wants to heal Ángel through force of will. What is Ángel's plan? Observing the roiling emotions are Luisa and Ramiro's precocious young children. Who's in danger here?

In childhood and youth, the three were "the inseparables." Luisa married Ángel, then two years later, she left him to marry Ramiro. After ten years, Ángel reappears, back from South America... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Intruso torrent reviews

Luke W (br) wrote: If you grew up in the 70s or 80s and skated you will love this. Amazing how the scene has changed so much.

Ekaterina S (ag) wrote: loved it! just as simple and indie as it is, this one deserves five:funny, true, a bit romantic, from those ones that made you feel good but are not cheesy to make you feel stupid

Ken P (ru) wrote: Definitely good for the "B" horror movies I watch. I didn't figure out the killer, but I usually suck at that anyway. Decent storyline. Worth the 3 stars.

Manolo P (kr) wrote: Expressed in such a sexy, agile and rhythmically appropriate way, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" by the experienced Woody Allen brings to us one of the most fresh and romantic tragicomedies that had not been in his movies for a long time. Consolidating a work that is enjoyable in every sense, rich in good content, and performances that fit perfectly with what Allen intended to portray, the story is broad in originality, abundant in cultural elements that make you fall in love with Barcelona and the Spanish way of life, to the point that for a moment you want to disconnect from your reality wishing to go there. Love as a experiential concept is provided in a way that draws different nuances, intensities and combinations that make us distinguish the types of affect that can be felt and the fragility to which they are subject. The life lessons that the characters receive in just one summer, will be unforgettable and will remain completely in them: these events, with their ups and downs, represent teachings that sometimes even in a life are not reached, so it becomes the perfect movie to challenge your own emotions, makes you relax and lets to be amazed with all the power that this ingenious feature has to offer. 93/100

Sabah C (fr) wrote: cryed and cryed in this film sooo sad qasam se beautiful film :'(

Carlos S (mx) wrote: Muy Buena!! cuando crees que ha terminado, no dejes de verla.. y luego cuando denuevo crees que ha terminado, no dejes de verla!!

Niki L (de) wrote: Dominique Swain is in this movie

Gareth M (br) wrote: A Xmas classic, OTT just like all Arnie films

Tanya N (jp) wrote: LOL! Camp does not COVER this movie. OMG! It was almost hard to take seriously at times. Antonion as a 20-something gay man? Oh my......Something for everyone! Orgies, gay sex, name it.

Martin T (ca) wrote: A year after Kansas City Confidential, Phil Karlson again directs John Payne as a regular Joe getting framed, with a lot of punching along the way. Otherwise, the two films don't have all that much in common, but they're both equal in quality. This one might be a little tighter in construction, actually. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Evelyn Keyes. Sometimes she pulls off some good work, but there were also moments where she didn't seem that hot. Speaking of "hot", the movie gets pretty damn sexy. Nothing like you'd see today, of course, but quite suggestive for 1953. A really solid film that rolls along beautifully.

Jeffrey A B (ca) wrote: Very stirring wartime propaganda

Jessica P (ru) wrote: Very good I like the animation!!!

Larry Y (au) wrote: another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase

Wave C (kr) wrote: strong sarcastic movie that came with many clue to be doubt in