Small rocks fall from the sky which, when touched, trigger a latent virus that has always existed in humans and begins mutating them into an alien species. Taking advantage of its hive mentality, the aliens are absolutely dedicated to transforming every human on Earth and do so with alarming swiftness. Only a small group of humans remain who have the medical knowledge to devise antibodies to reverse the effects of the virus.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Small rocks fall from the sky which, when touched, trigger a latent virus that has always existed in humans and begins mutating them into an alien species. Taking advantage of its hive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Invasion torrent reviews

Silvestre S (ru) wrote: A guilty pleasure for i didn't like that this movie did not have a least a atom of seriousness to get us to laugh more so the tension from time to time could've been more serious but besides that the movie is so bad it was good,some of the jokes were good,Cedric the Entertainer was made me belly laugh and i enjoyed the conjuring references as this movie can be dumb,immoral,etc. its a good way to spend a friday night

Mark P (de) wrote: 87% want to see this? it's fucking lame is annoying as shit and omg did I say annoying already? If you like films where the lead protagonist is snot nosed kid with a video camera who is filming a documentary about the new house he's moved into and how people are dying around him and none of his family believe him then fine go for it. This film sucks giant donkeyballs and hats off for the cast for trying to make this work...sadly it doesnt and all I wanted was to get to the scene where they all get bumped off so I didnt have to watch anymore..Oh sorry did I spoil the end? Good saves anyone else watching this dreadful piece of film making.

Simon P (jp) wrote: Most viewers will suffer more than the film's tortured characters, I kind of like it. Mentally disturbed nonsense on a small budget.

Linda L (kr) wrote: My first and formost reason for liking this film is the music. Some of it is Hndel and its just stunning. The film as a whole has both, drama, tragedi, passion and love. I am not sure weather Farinelli is a person that really excisted. But never the less, it is a griping story.

Blake P (es) wrote: "One Deadly Summer" was one of France's biggest films in 1983. It was nominated for nine French Oscars and won four of them, was the second highest grossing movie of the year in that country, and continued Isabelle Adjani's reign as the premier actress of the 1980s. A deadly concoction of erotic thriller tropes, vengeance movie delecatations, and Sirkian melodrama, it has the makings of a fervent arthouse masterwork. But its initially tightly wound, lurid promise slowly disintegrates to reveal a bumbling mess distinctly unsure of what direction it wants to move in. In "One Deadly Summer," Adjani plays Elle, a new-to-town floozy so wet dreamy in her appearance and attitude that she immediately enraptures the attention of the male population in her new place of living. But while most assume that she's nothing more than a walking exhibitionist looking for a cheap thrill, Elle is anything but: in actuality, she's a revenge seeking dame hungry to avenge the decades old gang rape of her mother. Believing that the descendants of the perpetrators are living in the area, she hopes to right the wrongs done to her family, by specifically seducing (and, thus destroying) Fiorimonto (Alain Souchon), the son of one of the men she believes to be responsible for the dusty crime. But when it is discovered that payback was definitively taken care of years earlier, with the family she's presenting preying upon verily innocent in the matter, Elle begins to lose grip of what's left of her stability, ultimately ensuring that damage, based in bloody reprisal or not, makes its way onto the scene.Adjani is as brilliant as she is sometimes cloyingly coy -- she treads a fine line between overacting and deftly calculated embodiment. Per usual, there's no one better at pretending to lose their mind on the silver screen than she is. But Elle, trashily sexual and never quite coherent enough to be sympathetic, is a character too incomprehensibly written for Adjani to flawlessly portray. And with its swamp of characters, saddled with Jean Becker's (who co-writes and directs) fatal decision to switch the film's perspective through varying voiceover, "One Deadly Summer" goes from stinging to muddled stunningly fast; rather than be supplemented by the insight it so ardently tries to fulfill, it's more discombobulating than effectual. He's incapable of setting a surefire tone, and his beating around the bush is noxious to the potent effect the film is looking for. Sometimes it's a sex farce, sometimes it's a rape and revenge stereotype, and sometimes it's a good old-fashioned femme fatale oriented noir. But the flurry of styles is so scattershot that the film oftentimes feels as though it's still in the stages of planning, as if Becker expected Adjani's versatility to distract us from noticing his indecisiveness. Frequently, that is a reality. Most of the time, though, it's not, and the film swims about looking for a cinematic life raft when there's none for miles. Thirty-three years later, in comparison to "One Deadly Summer," I find myself reminded of 2015's "Joy," a Jennifer Lawrence starrer that, despite its mixed reception, netted the actress a Best Actress nomination. Currently, Lawrence is a cultural phenomenon so beloved that one can expect Oscar adoration no matter the characterization. Three decades from now, no one is going to be talking about "Joy." And there's a sense that "One Deadly Summer" was the same way back in 1983: not a masterpiece, but acclaimed nevertheless because of Adjani's dominance over the French film industry at the time. Now that she's a legend rather than a fresh-faced star, one can see "One Deadly Summer" for what is actually is -- a misfired tale of obsession. It's sometimes interesting. But mostly, it isn't, even when Adjani is.

Nick S (mx) wrote: It's definitely a great looking film as Kurosawa paints a pretty picture. However I thought it moved pretty slowly at it's epic 3 hr run time.

Ethan P (nl) wrote: Tokyo Story is beautifully shot from hallways and doors, sinking to the floor level to capture the story of an older couple who has lost touch with their children, but the story is very dry and difficult to understand. The dialogue is harsh, the plot moves at a glacial pace and it is a struggle to concentrate on what's going on for very long. Beautifully shot, but incredibly boring.

Clare N (nl) wrote: Oh so very pretty. No story, just a series of vingnettes featuring such stars as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Judy Garland and lots and lots of lovely costumes. The rather naff comedic routines aside, it's soft, fluffy and super sweet - a visual marshmallow!

Gavin H (br) wrote: Amazingly smart movie that makes you think harder than before.

Golia K (jp) wrote: A thoughtful and provocative film about the way they live

Michael W (jp) wrote: This direct to video stinker is not as bad as I thought it would be. Let's start with the bad! The movie is done on such a low budget the viewer realizes that the housed film in A H is not even close to the real house. The house is too small, there is no boat house, front porch, and the back yard. does not look like river property. The part of the movie where the dad loses it is so over acted I could not describe the bad acting. the movie's climax is the worse ending I ever seen. I will not ruin the movie, but I can not describe how much of a let down the ending was. The good of the movie. A H has a few surprise death scene which shocked me. The reality t v over acting was some what entertaining. In the end. A H is a mix of The Blair Witch Project with the son narration of the family's experiences, and Paranormal Activity with the scenes where the viewer watches the home security system cameras. A poor copy of the both mentioned movies. I give A H one star.