Invasion of the Bee Girls

Invasion of the Bee Girls

Neil Agar, a security agent with the State Department, is dispatched to Peckham, California to investigate the death of a bacteriologist working at government-sponsored Brandt Research. His investigation is soon complicated by a growing number of deaths, all men who died of congestive heart failure caused by sexual exhaustion.

A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob G (ca) wrote: Netflix shanghai'd me into watching this by calling it "Sci-Fi/Fantasy"; turns out this is pure romantic comedy, which is not a genre of choice for me. Oops.In any case, I was pleased when I realized within a few seconds of screen time that the main character here is Emma Caulfield, who I best know as Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her Buffy character was one of my favorites, so getting some extra screen time with her here is a major perk.Unsurprisingly, her character here isn't too far removed from that of Anya. Less demon, more wistful human. The other performances are pretty good, too. However, the big problem with Timer comes in at the script stage.The concept--timers that tell you when you meet your "true love"--is about as half-baked as they come. I can do a pretty good job of suspending disbelief, but the problems here become too extreme for me to do a capable job suspending disbelief.This is compounded by the bland, very predictable plot advancement. It was easy to see where this was going--and I wasn't even trying to guess the end.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: This One Is My Favorite Out Of The 3

Michael L (de) wrote: The film making was adequate, but the story (adapted from a book written by some old, dead person) is fabulous. The result: A slow, depressing and thoroughly fulfilling cinematic experience.

Martin T (au) wrote: This is about as far from narrative storytelling as you can get without dipping into the realm of experimental cinema. No camera movement, very little dialogue, only a few recurring characters. The visuals are striking compositions with mysterious meanings. I'll admit that the symbolism flew almost entirely over my head. I feel that multiple revisits will reveal more and more of the obscured meaning. It's a shame that such unique and powerful images aren't available in a better presentation.

Gary B (gb) wrote: another fun disney movie

Gregory W (au) wrote: good got to see the newly discovered dutch version

Jude P (ag) wrote: Nothing much and exiting to impress.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: Tangled is one of those Disney films that won the achievement of Disney's first ever CGI-animated musical fairytale film at its best. This movie is just amazing. With a great story (despite being a little too similar to The Hunchback of Notre Dame), incredible humour, amazing animation, fun, loveable and interesting characters and an enjoyable musical soundtrack by the comeback of Alan Menken. (Even though it's forgettable compared to Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast). If you really liked The Princess and the Frog, you will love this. You've done it again Disney. Keep up the good work.

The Phantom C (br) wrote: Black Knight is completely obnoxious and cliche.