Invasion: UFO

Invasion: UFO

The Earth is threatened by an alien race who kidnap and kill humans and even animals and and use them for their body parts. In the year 1980 S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization), a highly secret military organization, is set up in the hope of defending the Earth from this alien threat. This organization operates from a secret location beneath the Harlington-Straker film studio in London. S.H.A.D.O. also has a base on the moon with Interceptors as well as an early warning satellite that detects inbound UFOs (called S.I.D.), and operate a fleet of submarines. General James Henderson and commander Ed Straker have a team of highly trained and well equipped females and males to battle the regularly incoming hostile UFOs.

An organization called SHADO fights off aliens who are infiltrating Earth by disguising themselves as humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (kr) wrote: Despite a caning by the critics, and can see why, I still found the much blood letting a decent view as a gang of mercenaries defend a castle for the sake of family blood.

Derek P (kr) wrote: Watch at the end of the credits!!! That said. This movie outdid the first by a landslide. It creates a universe to the character and whatever organization he's a part of. It took a normal slasher flick about a guy with a mounted camera on his shoulder, running around and killing random people and completely flipped it on its ass. This movie fucking rocked. No more annoying bitch from the first movie, solid cast and great leads. Deaths, deaths and more deaths. Ones that make the first movie's deaths look like a scene from The Three Stooges. By all means. Anyone who has seen the first film and felt up in the air with it, see this movie and you will not be disappointed.

Angelo Dean B (de) wrote: 1 StarPoor script, Acting is very very poor and the movie is just silly.Gave a star at least for effortNice try.

Lee C (ca) wrote: A subtly sharp British thriller almost entirely dialogue driven, but to great effect. Set to the backdrop of sombre Suffolk wetlands, the events of the film take place exclusively in and around a ramshackled bird hide, occupied by a reclusive ornithologist. Before long we are introduced to the second character, a wayward man with a menacing demeanour, seemingly out of place in the barren marsh, who takes shelter from the weather in the bird hide. Despite an admittedly slow start, it doesn't take long for the interactions between the two leads to become genuinely compelling, and rather than being hindered by the small scale and evidently low budget, these factors only serve to add to the atmosphere and slowly building claustrophobic tension between the characters as they converse. For two relative unknowns, the performances are remarkable. This premise wouldn't have worked any other way. Macqueen?s socially awkward portrayal of the middle-class recluse contrasts perfectly with Campbell?s common man. Often invasive at first, Macqueen will nervously deflect Campbell?s subtle intimidations and crude remarks by breaking eye contact and shuffling around, changing the subject, or occasionally go into a ramble about his myriad of ?hobbies?. Although as the film proceeds and the men open up to one another, these exchanges evolve, the mood between the two constantly shifting, adding to the ever-present awareness that there is something sinister underlying all this. A mixture of a clever dialogue and plot, atmospheric tension and a surprisingly dark twist ending that although you may vaguely see coming, can still thoroughly appreciate in its execution, make this film well worth its modest runtime. As Marek Losey?s directorial debut, I?ll be keeping an eye out for his next feature. I?m eager to see what this man can achieve with less in the way of financial constraints.

That Reporter Guy (ag) wrote: If you're an American, you should see this film. It will shock the hell out of you.

Elaine F (nl) wrote: I agree with some of the other reviews that say it could have been done better. Filming was relegated to a handful of individuals - no one from the other side of the argument, not enough info about the larger picture for me.

Krystal B (ag) wrote: Lol this the best one...

John B (jp) wrote: i saw this movie when i was about 12 years old,i love it so much cause i think that almost everyone that age can identify with whats going on in this kid's head ,soo yeah ,great movie ,i recomend

Steve L (kr) wrote: long but thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. McDowell's masterpiece!

Jenny B (kr) wrote: I read bad critics. Don't know why.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Julianne Moore earned her Oscar with this performance. It has it's slow moments, but it also brought me to tears a bit. What is even more surprising is that Kristen Stewart did a really great job in this as well. Certainly worth watching if you ever lost anyone to Alzheimer's Disease.

Fernando Jos G (au) wrote: Terrible, aburrida, sin efecto alguno. Esta cinta desperdicia en niveles inconcebibles, a una mezcla interesante de tres actores y que lo llevan a algo sin razn de ser. Innecesaria.

Carl M (au) wrote: Normal Alaska is in for one hell of a winter when a cursed snow globe begins dictating the horrendous weather conditions that threaten to rip the small town apart in SNOWMAGEDDON! Natural disasters haven't been this boring since the last SyFy Channel original, or as deadly. SNOWMAGEDDON sees people stabbed to death by explosive ice shards and blown up in many horrible ways before the whole ordeal comes to an end, but that isn't nearly as exciting as it may sound. There is more insufferable down time in between these scenes of destruction than most can bear. Rather than have the damage result from some human trespass against nature, SNOWMAGEDDON goes a much different route than most other films of its kind and molds the tale after the story of Pandora's box from Greek mythology. This is as original as it is confusing and utterly pointless, when most are just tuning in to watch the people dying as things explode on screen. Both the special effects and acting are adequate for the budget. ICE TWISTERS fans had better prepare for another deadly winter!