Love, greed and fire ants mix it up in rural Texas

Love, greed and fire ants mix it up in rural Texas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat W (ag) wrote: Slow start but pulls you in. Though provoking and a little dark but a really good film.

Leong C (kr) wrote: A nicely done Brit-crime flick...

Alexander B (ag) wrote: Hunger Games, is an action-packed/ Gore movie, that all teens and adults will love, but has some boring scenes...

Rosemarie S (br) wrote: good & funny with great Christian values on important life topics of trust & love & honesty...

Lanky Man P (es) wrote: There was nothing too decent about this. Typical low-budget that the Horrorfest is good for.

Richard H (gb) wrote: The year is 1956. Hungary's invincible water polo team is facing the Russians in the final at the Olympic Games in Melbourne. The team's loyalties are torn between the match and the revolution against Soviet domination breaking out on the streets of Budapest, into which they are drawn. While their friends and families are fighting for their lives and for freedom against the Russian army, the players are facing their Soviet opponents in the pool, and the eyes of the world witness the bloodiest match in the history of the sport. Based on a stirring true story.

DeniseMakenie R (de) wrote: I love family guy, bet its great

Tom S (mx) wrote: This movie is crude - it's stupid - and it's FUNNY! I really laughed when the mechanic wanted a sign from God - and seemingly got one. And the hot air balloon capers - Ha! Ha! The Lucy gals!! Many more ......

Manal S (ag) wrote: Never thought I'd be interested in a socio-political musical drama!! Somehow Time Robbins managed to make his cause common, and his theme universal. This is the first Robbins-directed movie that I see, but it's VERY enough to prove that he's such a brilliant director! He manages to keep actors perfectly attached to their roles and characters. Seriously, I've never seen such vivid direction, as if each shot speaks for itself and the underlying thematic meaning.

Pierre M (gb) wrote: Tinto Brass! Need I say more? The most amazing erotic film maker of all time! A must see!

Al M (fr) wrote: Not to be confused with Dark Night of the Scarecrow, the made-for-TV film that I reviewed recently, Night of the Scarecrow is a supernatural slasher film that follows the return of an evil warlock in the form of an evil scarecrow. Night of the Scarecrow is not a great film by any means, but it features some inventive death scenes, an entertainingly twisted villain, and a few creepy moments.

Glyn I (au) wrote: Outstanding drama from Ken Loach that's better than 1000 Hollywood 'blockbusters.'

Arusa S (fr) wrote: it's pretty good, fun for an old movie

Thomas B (mx) wrote: Corny, but a fun movie. (Hey , it was the 70's!) I had a blast in the 70's!!! Lol

Richard D (us) wrote: I'm less enamoured with this this film than I used to be, which isn't to say that I don't like it so much as to say I no longer love it. I like Ruth Gordon, and I'm very fond of her performance in the film. It's Maude that I have a problem with. The idea of a wacky, exuberant free spirit woman bringing new life to a guy with emotional issues is hardly original ... and wasn't in 1971. There were dozens of movies made around this same theme at the time. The idea of the man being young and the woman being old was certainly original. but that's really where the originality stops. Characters like Maude tend to confuse self-centered energy with a kid of life spirit, and she plays that way to me. I don't believe that she ever really stops thinking about herself long enough to truly care about Harold, and the ending really confirms that feeling for me.

Nilesh J (jp) wrote: One has to see the movie to observe where James Cameron has taken the art of movie-making to. Rare must be the people whose imagination is so extensive and wild. To be able to show that to others, all that you do is open your mouth wide as you absorb the first scene and realize that it has not closed as credits begin to roll. Forget about the story, acting etc etc, this is a masterpiece of a different kind. In the moviemaking world, this is another Matrix-like path-breaking film. Ten years later when such movie/technologiess become commonplace, it would be difficult to appreciate why the movie was such a joy to watch in 2009, but that's like saying now how anyone really got anything out of 286 machines in the eighties.Rewatched in 2017: still the same!

Barney o (au) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: The characterisation and grittiness are what makes this film more exciting than certain Moore era Bonds, but it's Brosnan's intense performance that brings those elements slightly above the tone of Tim Dalton. Match these tropes with some of the best action sequences in the series and you've got yourself a worthy and exciting re-entry to the series.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Not only because of it's convoluted plot - outside the big moments, this film isn't quite at the top of the franchise because it slightly lacks the light hearted-ness we got from the Moore Bonds, or the touching sentimentality we got from Dalton. VERDICT: In the end, thanks to Pierce Brosnan, 'Goldeneye' is extremelly thrilling and exciting. It's just a shame it lacks any real heart to make it that engaging all the time.

Meleki S (es) wrote: Great comedy for the whole family!