Newly elected President Nelson Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa's rugby team as they make their historic run to the 1995 Rugby World Cup Championship match.

Newly elected President Nelson Mandela initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: enlist the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Invictus torrent reviews

BRUNO V (gb) wrote: If the camera didn't wiggel so much this one could even better I like Serial-killer movies so...

Kricia E (br) wrote: I thought it was alright.

Joshua K (nl) wrote: (5: Loved It, 4: Really Liked It, 3: Liked It, 2: Didn't Like It, and 1: Hated It.)

Bradley J (de) wrote: While it is an interesting film, Fly Me to the Moon is too childish, flatly written and dull for adults and too tedious and slow for kids. Overall Rating: 16

Melissa F (gb) wrote: As about as sarcastically funny as you can get being 6'4" and 140 lbs. Eric and I were cracking up the entire time- Thank you Daniel Tosh, thank you...

Kenneth L (au) wrote: sometimes difficult to follow all the tech hacking that drove all the action.

Robert D (nl) wrote: Robert de Niro plays an L.A. priest whose brother, a cop played by Robert Duvall, investigates a crime involving a prominent businessman closely linked to the archdiocese. De Niro, his ambitions turned to nothing, ends his days in much reduced circumstances, and thanks his brother for bringing him down to earth.

Sam S (ca) wrote: i read the amazing Scott Spencer novel on which this film is based. All it needed was to remain faithful to the book and they could've had something....instead this is badly acted, sometimes laughable and completly misses the point of the original story.

Sean G (ag) wrote: Paul Newman's attempt to do a James Bond movie?

Bill T (it) wrote: Surprisingly gritty western made in 1958, but you'd think it was playing in some grindhouse in the 70's with all it's blood, body count, and general mayhem going on. Randolph Scott plays the title character, and despite my reservations about him, plays this straight up, and just lets the movie ride with him. It's very dark and got a bit of biting humor to it. Very odd accomplishment.