Invisible Waves

Invisible Waves

This atmospheric, violent thriller revolves around a hitman called Kyoji who has just killed his lover, Seiko. She was the wife of Kyoji’s boss, Wiwat, who, when he heard about the affair, hired his rival to murder the unfaithful Seiko. Kyoji hides himself away on a cruise ship bound for Thailand. On board he meet a mysterious beauty named Noi. A passionate affair ensues. Their destinies are more interwoven than Kyoji and Noi could ever imagine. As Kyoji fights for his life and struggles to cope with mounting feelings of guilt he discovers the truth about the secretive Noi. Furious, wounded and thirsting for revenge, Kyoji might even make it home again.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Thai,English,Japanese,Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:foot fetish,   guilt,   adultery,  

After inadvertently killing his girlfriend, a man (Asano) flees Macau for Thailand in an attempt to cope with his guilt, and avoid possible arrest. But the relocation doesn't prevent his problems from following him, as his new friends could be potential enemies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David R (gb) wrote: Wunderbarer kleiner Film, der einem zum Weinen und Schmunzeln bringt.

Sarah W (us) wrote: No one does slice-of-life drama and acerbic humor like the Brits, and the curiously named "Treacle Jr." showcases this, as well as some damned good acting from the cast, particularly Aidan Gillen ("Queer As Folk," "Game Of Thrones,") as Aidan (it seems kind of cheap when the screenwriters can't come up with their own names, anyone agree?"Treacle Jr., as it so happens, is a kitten, Aidan is a childlike man in an unhealthy relationship, and Tom (Tom Fisher) steps quite by accident into the situation, in the process of getting out of another.Unable to bear for another minute the responsibilities of parenthood and Family life, Tom (Fisher) walks out on his wife and baby and, after running out of cash, seeks new means of livelihood on the streets of London.Inexplicably, he is attacked and injured by a gang of thugs, and while at the police station, he meets Aidan, who is comparing the woman at the front desk's hair to an Irish Setter's in an attempt at flirtation.Aidan's the kind of guy most people stay away from. He's earnest, hyper, and completely free of any social graces. Aidan's naive and enthusiastic to a fault, but Tom soon discovers he has problems too- namely Linda (Riann Steele,) his 'girlfriend,' a volatile bag of nuts who beats on Aidan, dubs him a 'retard,' and in one painful scene, tries to rape him. She's a barrel of laughs.People who find this situation unlikely need only think again. What does society think of men who hit women? If Aidan were to so much as take a swing at Linda in self-defense, she'd need only pull a pouty face to the police and Aidan would be sent up to the big house. Maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's something to think about.The story chronicles the meeting and eventual friendship between the two men, despite Tom's initial urgent attempts to get away from Aidan, who has the boundless enthusiasm of a horny beagle. Now Aidan, he's an interesting character. Devoid of the marketability of endearing innocents like Forrest Gump, he is good-hearted but entirely oblivious to his effect on people. He was not written to be liked. I liked him.If this was to be remade in America, there would be some adjustments mad. Linda's race would be changed (she is African-American,) because a cruel black person is against the politically correct agenda we are spoonfed nowadays. The gender roles would be switched, and the movie would become a feminist power flick. But it will not be remade becuase it was not highly successful, and a good thing, too. "Treacle Jr." intrigues and challenges, doing what British films do the best.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Geez set up a harem already!

Robyn M (it) wrote: Julian Schnabel's BEFORE NIGHT FALLS looks just like a movie about being gay and boning every guy that comes your way. I couldn't get past the first 40 minutes.It's a shame really i'm a HUGE fan of Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp. The reviews are staggering and emphasis Before Night Falls to be 1 of the great films that hit the Cinema. Yet it just felt tedious, strained and flawed terribly with its storyline.

Bobby H (ag) wrote: I have to give it atleast one star, because, the idea behind it was great. The mixing of the sides was really great actually, but I think the low budget for this film, really cut down what it could of been, and really, it was hard for me to stay entertained. It's worth a look one time, but beyond that, probably not.

Patrick S (es) wrote: My friend Eric will love this only because this is the white Nick Fury and not the Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury. Everyone else will see a cheesy made-for-TV film that forces the audience to accept giant leaps of faith, mostly accepting David Hassellhoff is bad-ass...he isn't.

Anthony H (kr) wrote: A very slow beginning with confusing acting, which then leads to a fun wand witty Eddie Murphy comedy towards the end that grabbed my attention way more than the first act. Fun time, couldve been a bit better

Cody C (gb) wrote: Wonderful to look at, but the editing and pacing and storytelling is so lacking that it's hard to make it through it all.

jay n (es) wrote: Colorful musical that is deficient in the script department, exactly why Julie is a spy is never really apparent and it really hurts the film. That being said the production design is beautiful as are some of Julie's costumes, it all seems overproduced and underdirected though. Rock has been better elsewhere although that also is probably the fault of the script. Really a three star film the extra star is for Julie and her voice which is exquisite and put to use on some lovely songs.

William W (nl) wrote: This was schmaltzy but decent and could have been a lot worse. Normally I run from this sort of film like the plague but Patrick Swayze's recent death and me greatly enjoying 'Point Break' recently made me want to check out another one of his finest roles ('Ghost' and 'Road House' will have to wait, methinks.). When I got my first DJ-ing job, working the night shift at the now-defunct K-102 FM in Woodstock as a teenager, I often received calls asking for any of the three hit songs from its stellar and nostalgia-wringing soundtrack: Eric Carmen's 'Hungry Eyes', Swayze's own 'She's Like the Wind' or the Oscar-winning 'The Time of My Life' by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. It was interesting now, almost three decades later, finally seeing the music I had played on the airwaves eon before now shown in some sort of cinematic context.It was OK to see as a tribute to Swayze's craft (he was trained in classic ballet as well as in acting) but I'm left with no interest whatsoever in either the sequel or remake, unless as a special gift for my lady, Tammy.

James l (ag) wrote: Total piece of shit, one of the worst plots of my generation terrible acting god awful directing definitely one of the worst pieces of fucking shit you will ever be forced to watch even Kate Beckinsale's super hotness cannot save this train wreck