A series of short films examining the world's overlooked problems and the people who suffer from them.

A series of short films examining the world's overlooked problems and the people who suffer from them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick D (au) wrote: Absolutely terrifying! Never saw Ouija; didn't care. Watched this out of curiosity, because the other movie has a RT score of 7%. Brilliant!

Margo v (ag) wrote: I missed the broadcasting of this movie on SBS tv in Australia last night. Am desperate to see it!

charles b (br) wrote: Heartfelt and real. Great cast. Cyrus doesn't pull any punches and is a straight forward romantic comedy (with a dark side) that will leave you laughing all the way through.

Cassandra P (us) wrote: this movie is nastey as fuck

Olly H (fr) wrote: sympatiisches kleines road movie mit skurillem humor

Faisal F (ag) wrote: tragic story about children at iraq war...

Liam U (ca) wrote: Fantastic. Everything about this movie is quite simply excellent. Just fantastic.

Kyle G (es) wrote: Franois Truffaut's 1977 feature begins with a group of people (all of them women) pouring into a funeral. The dead, who we'll follow in flashback for the rest of the film, is Bertrand, an irrepressible ladies' man. His story, far from just an exploitative tale of conquest, is characterized more by sincere reflection and pondering over the question "Why do I like women so much?"A middle-aged aerodynamics tester in a small city in southern France, Bertrand is not your usual gynephilic; but, as if to prove how legit his character is, Truffaut begins the film proper as he's committing a long, extensive fraud to get a girl (Finding that the plates of a cute girl's car match a rental, he smashes up his own car to get at that company's info, then even considers insurance fraud until one of the clerks takes pity on him... all for, as it happens, the wrong girl.) That episode is a little bit misguided for the wrong reasons; it proves commitment and ambiguity less than awkward fumbling.But Bertrand is also writing a memoir about his life with women, and that's the truer part of the film: not 100% true (even, after the manuscript's sold and receives some editorial attention, sometimes surprisingly awkward and misguided), but it's pointing in the right direction.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Rutherford once again plays a spritely Miss Marple for an enjoyable Agatha Christie mystery.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: A decent noir with a few really nice touches, such as the main stars--Warm, offbeat, professional!!

Leong C (it) wrote: A decent watch, with commendable performance by Morgan Freeman...