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Ethan L (kr) wrote: Loads of ingenuity. A-

Tim S (ru) wrote: Despite the film having such a wonderful cast from various corners of the globe and being filmed on location in North Africa, the final result of Day of the Falcon (AKA Black Gold) is one of boredom. There are some very fine speeches and very good performances, but they're almost hidden by an overly-long and drawn out plot with very little visual flair. Don't get me wrong though. The cinematography is masterful, but there's not a whole lot to look at other than sand. The performances themselves also don't seem to connect well between each actor. They feel distant from one another and never really sync up together. The score is also a bit of a miss for composer James Horner, who doesn't seem to capture the emotion of each moment very well. The film does manage to stop being tedious about halfway through, when some of the action sequences kick in, but they're over in the blink of an eye and aren't really built up well in the first place. The film had its potential, but it just needed to focus on its characters a little more and structure things a bit better. A little aesthetic other than just sandy landscapes couldn't have hurt either.

Carole T (de) wrote: Ignore the bizarre premise; this is actually quite a sweet and endearing film.

Aya M (mx) wrote: I give it more than 7 stars!!! PERFECTLY DONE!

Brianna E (au) wrote: I watched the Dundee movies for a class I took, and thought they were kinda funny. Enjoyable!

Carole T (ca) wrote: Starts off well but then spectacularly divebombs! It's just too long; over complicated and zero chemistry from it's too leads.

tp b (fr) wrote: I saw t because of Stoltz and discovered Tarantino in it :) How cute.

Gergely K (es) wrote: Mltkor dics (C)rtem az els' r (C)szt, ez pont mindenben az ellent (C)te annak. zsigerien rossz

Corey B (kr) wrote: While I enjoyed how Blake Edwards shot some of the more elaborate slapstick moments, this just doesn't work. A few laughs here and there, but the plot is unnecessarily complicated (did I miss the payoff to all that royal intrigue?) and it ends very abruptly. I guess it's better than Trail and Curse, but that's faint praise.

Pavan R (kr) wrote: A fun movie..a good laugh and occasionally inspiring. Pauline Collins does such a good job here and is the central character ofcourse.

Rajarshi B (jp) wrote: I liked Female Convict Scorpion better..but over all it was ok. Didn't get bored.

Luca D (br) wrote: Un mel ambientato durante il fascismo. Tutto gira intorno alle storie d'amore dei protagonisti e dove il fascismo viene spesso chiamato in causa ma mai veramente analizzato.Si poteva fare di meglio.

Greg W (jp) wrote: grant's only oscar nom came from here where he plays against type.

Bill M (fr) wrote: Can anyone name another movie which features a train/boat in water collision?

Trevor F (jp) wrote: one of Stallone's best! Wesley Snipes is great as Simon and Sandra is hilarious in one of her earlier roles. not a perfect movie but so much fun and still holds up today.