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Rork H (ca) wrote: This might be a winner

Andrea B (br) wrote: I really want to see this movie

Mike M (kr) wrote: I'm guessing this was greenlit once "The Savages" started picking up buzz on the festival and awards circuit 18 months ago; call it the Alzheimer's bounce... Kinney, at least, displays a positivity around his characters, which makes a change from the sneering misanthropy that's started to creep into the middlebrow indie, and a generosity around actors in particular. The film hits what passes for its stride (in truth, it's more like a gentle canter) in a mid-section which introduces Baker and Cannavale as rival trading-card collectors. Sometimes the generosity goes too far: even in his vaguer moments, Alda is too twinkly beneath his surface dishevelment. Sometimes it's not enough: in a film primarily concerned with its protagonist's manning up, Virginia Madsen has nothing much to do save incarnate the loving mother AGAIN (has ever an actress on the comeback trail been so persistently wasted?), and ends up - like Helen Hunt in "As Good As It Gets" - with more on her hands at the end of the movie than she had at the beginning. Not that that's acknowledged, of course: where "The Savages" had a bleak comic potency about it that lingered long after the house lights came up, the way hard truths tend to, "Diminished Capacity" - content as it is to mine the lighter side of Alzheimer's - is ever so slightly forgettable.

Roy S (ag) wrote: Just got all the Stone movies for Christmas, and so far they are all pretty good. The town and its denizens are pleasant, the supporting cast is above average, and the mysteries are reasonably mysterious.

Adam R (nl) wrote: It doesn't really jell with the previous movies in the series. It's also kind of stupid at times. But considering the decline in quality of Disney Channel Original Movies over the years, it isn't bad. (First and only full viewing - Fall 2009)

Joseph G (es) wrote: Always good for a laugh

Jesse O (kr) wrote: This is a good movie until the last 5 or so minutes of the film. I'll get to that later, because I REALLY hated them. With that said, while not exactly the most inventive post-apocalyptic story, it's certainly a solid one nonetheless with a pretty damn good cast all things considered and a decent story that really only falters in the last act. The friendship between Enrique and Marc is certainly a little cliched, Enrique, who worked in human resources, was about to fire Marc for not rushing out an unfinished product. The friendship that develops as they find themselves traversing this world in search of their loved ones is, again, cliched, but I think it works thanks to the acting of the two leads. You come to like both characters, mostly Enrique as he was the one who really had the personality out of the two main characters. Still the actors' chemistry made this pairing work. They were funny together when they needed to be, but they were also convincing when they needed to be serious. However, you do see what's coming almost from a mile away, at least as it relates to Enrique and where he's gonna end up, so I do think that takes something away from the its potental effectiveness. The story pretty simple to follow, Marc is on the search to find his pregnant girlfriend, he must do so traversing underground sewers, or staying inside buildings, as the virus that plagues this world doesn't allow anyone to go out into the open without dying. On the way Marc and Enrique find themselves into situations with various groups fighting for power among their fragmented society. This was all to be expected, but I think the film handles these moments fairly nicely with good pacing. And this leads us to the ending, which is almost as bad as the '19 years later' horseshit from the last Harry Potter book. Long story short, Marc finds his way to his pregnant wife, or girlfriend, I'm not even sure. This would've been a good place to end the film, it's certainly bittersweet because yes, Marc found his way to the love of his life, but the world is still such that you don't know how much longer they'll be able to survive this way. Their future is uncertain in this world. Much like in the last Harry Potter book, then ending should've been all Hermione, Harry, and Ron holding hands and standing at the edge of an almost destroyed Hogwarts, their future uncertain. Their battle is over, but their future is in question. Same thing here. Except, instead of ending this movie with Marc's and Julia's reunion, they decide to show you, in about 5 minutes or so, their baby being born, growing up, and finally as a teenager as he prepares to leave his home with other teens to a pilgrimage or something, I don't know. Basically, for one reason or another, the kids that are being born post-virus are immune to it and they can actually venture outside without suffering any ill effects. The message is OBVIOUS, that, hopefully, this next generation will inherit a better world. It could've have been more obvious but it's done in such a cloying fashion, that it was just an absolutely terrible ending to me. And the fact that they did all of this character progression in 5 minutes is also pretty ridiculous. And why are these kids immune to the virus? There's no explanation, you're just supposed to take it at face value. It just feels incredibly cheap. The way the story was set up, it was set up for Marc to make his way to his loved ones. Once you got to that point, there was nothing else you needed to do. This ending didn't NEED to exist, but they forced it in there in as unsatisfying a manner as is possible. If you wanted to really show this then just make the first half Marc's journey to Julia and the second half would be seeing as the child grew up, and maybe getting to see how or why they figured out that the newborns are immune to the virus. They didn't choose to do it that way, unfortunately. It was unwanted. I can't imagine anyone REALLY being satisfied with this ending once they really think about it. It's just incredibly ridiculous and absurd to buy into. Not to mention the sentimentality in the ending is absolutely fucking disgusting. Particularly for a post-apocalyptic film. I get that they're selling 'hope' but you had all the hope you needed when Marc finally reached Julia. That is ALL you needed, not all this additional bullshit that really makes no sense in the long run. I REALLY hated this ending and I'm not sure whether to downgrade this film to 2.5. You know what, I will. The ending, to me at least, is really that bad. It takes a good movie and makes it worse. And they had a good cast and some decent writing, so there's no way this film shouldn't have been at least good. They had to fuck it up with the terrible ending though. This is a good movie if, and only if, you shut it off after Marc finally reunites with Julia.

Annelies S (fr) wrote: One would expect a great thriller after the first scene but the truth is different. Too much humour makes the movie worthless. Of course smoking pot makes one laugh (like the very last scene in the movie) but if the movie starts with a cold kill and after that the protagonists escape murderous scenes in unbelievable ways and nobody dies... I am asking myself what the hell I am watching.

Daniel M (es) wrote: This movie was painful to watch at times with its very cheesy and corny acting and dialog, but it did have a few moments that shined. The cast was surprisingly well. This movie might have been more enjoyable if I remembered it and had some nostalgic memories attached to it, or if I was 16 years old. 3/5

Harry K (ru) wrote: THIS FILM IZ D BALLZ

Paul W (br) wrote: A delightful fantasy with excellent performances and a superb score. I haven't seen the film in years, and yet the medieval scenes and accompanying music are still fresh in my mind.

James H (jp) wrote: Very good western with well defined characters. It's not anything out of the ordinary, but it is professionally done and well produced. Good cast.

bill s (ca) wrote: A rap Spinal Tap only not good.

Alice S (gb) wrote: Pretty awful. I think the movie was trying to be sassy cheerleading (Bring It On) meets teen social critique (Not Another Teen Movie), but it doesn't quite get there with its easy dick jokes. The final cheerleading performance isn't even that impressive. They make such a big deal about not shilling for Staples that I expected Shawn to cheekily deliver the ad to the camera after recovering from his fall into the water. That would have been gold.