Io tigro, tu tigri, egli tigra

Io tigro, tu tigri, egli tigra

Three short stories full of absurd Italian humor. Uno: Oddjobs man Elia is hired to be a waiter and soon finds himself caught up in a plot to knock off his mistress (in more ways than one).... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Io tigro, tu tigri, egli tigra torrent reviews

Alec M (br) wrote: Not the movie I had initially expected. When I got to see it had a much more comedic aspect that I didn't expect, initially that caught me off guard but after a few minutes I got into it. Overall it was a very well executed film. Just the right mix of humor and drama for my taste.

Anna T (us) wrote: lovely movie very touching

Robert C (br) wrote: This is some serious crappidy, crap, crap, crap. It was a 2+ hour documentary trying to sell the audience on libertarianism with crazy New Age ideas sandwiched at the beginning and end of the film. I thought it was going to be awful, but I did not think it was going to be troubling, ahistorical and completely inaccurate in basic facts.

Tom B (es) wrote: A deeply moving adaptation of a book I loved when I was growing up. Deserves infinitely higher ratings. Subtlety of the film must have been lost on some of those unfamiliar with Japanese culture.....

Sam D (ca) wrote: Was a funny and kind of action packed as a group of friends try to survive a female zombie infested town.QUOTE:: what type of diesease only affects women.:::bird flu

stacey f (nl) wrote: Lukas Haas... need I say more?

Jeff R (gb) wrote: Good Belgian comedy, I could put 4 stars but it lacks something to be able to give it.

Kim B (au) wrote: I've thought long and hard about what to say about this movie. First, it took me a couple tries to get through this one. I have to be in the right kind of mood to watch movies like this. After the two false starts, I did finish it and I did enjoy it. The split-screen was distracting at first, but I grew to appreciate it as the movie went on. The dialogue was excellent, as was the character development. All in all it was a good choice.

Marci P (kr) wrote: Great music. Fascinating story line. Love the love story.

Stevie S (kr) wrote: if you're not stoned or under the age of 10, you have no business watching this movie. the magic will be lost on you.

Drew M (ag) wrote: 'Existentialism is an ANTism.' This has to be one of the best underrated 'kids' film ever. Holds WAY up.

Tyler J (mx) wrote: Same Old Same Old Freddy Comes back Same Actor Same THINGS Every TIME!

Logan M (kr) wrote: Oliver Stone's dense portrait of Wall Street broking proves little has changed in the ways of the yuppie scum since its release in the 1980s.

Simon D (ag) wrote: I never liked the music of Prince, and as this is a showpiece for just that, I found this a real struggle. The plot had obviously been put together just to make the songs make sense. The acting is awful, especially from the new romantic midget himself.

Phil M (au) wrote: Fun and witty. I thought the fight scenes were all very well done and while the story was a tiny bit bland, there were certainly some fantastic moments.

Jonathan M (us) wrote: Totally fine/enjoyable French gangster movie. I can't say that I was blown away by it, but it was fun to see a younger Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Liked Guy Pearce in this one , i was only waiting when he was gonna get realy angry....first movie i've seen with a good Pattinson ! Enjoyeble movie for sure !

Aaron G (ag) wrote: Good concept, but the laughably bad graphics screamed "remake me!" from beginning to end... which they wonderfully did (as a sequel).