This is all about chasing your dreams, no matter what the obstacles. The story involves a young deaf and dumb boy who is crazy about cricket.

Iqbal, the deaf and mute son of a farmer, has a passion for the game of cricket and seeks the tutelage of washed-up, alcoholic ex-player. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Iqbal torrent reviews

Claudia G (ag) wrote: one of the worst movies ever!!

Daniel C (us) wrote: Just Brilliant the best movie of 09

Cynthia S (jp) wrote: Disturbing. Intense. Sickening. This is one of the most harrowing, and unflinching, accounts of human barbarity ever put to film. Solidly done. Definitely not for the squeamish....

Sree K (de) wrote: story is touching. execution is good in parts. technical values are the big assets. entertainment value is fair. final grade of the movie is B

Zack K (br) wrote: Good documentary down the lines of the Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Not sure which documentary came first but they both cover a lot of similar information. Either way they're definitely both watching.

Greg W (it) wrote: really love this movie the music it all works here

Anna Q (mx) wrote: Fake barf for a birthday gift. That's friendship.

Mark N (kr) wrote: The lo-fi material seems very quaint 2 decades on but if you are in an 80's frame of mind the movie still works as an original idea that to my knowledge has never been copied. Making a movie FX guy an inventive man on the run was a genius idea and while pretty fun you often feel so much more could have been made of the premise.

AJ A (jp) wrote: Typical 80s movie. Loads of cliches, bad hair and worse music. What's not to love?!

Olivier C (fr) wrote: untrs bon western avec Steeve " la classe " McQueen !!! ahh il etait bon celui la !!!!!!!

Dylan D (jp) wrote: Where similar films like The Karate Kid succeed, No Holds Barred fails. Though many of the core themes are classic 80s -- the goodhearted hero pushed too far against the bad guys who can't see anything past the hate that defines their lives -- No Holds Barred feels like an emotionless knockoff, a movie that means well at its core but that can't execute to save its life. Serious themes are countered by a cartoonish faade and hopelessly one-dimensional characters. It's a perfect example of the 80s movie done rather poorly, its only redeeming value its star power and, now some quarter-century later, nostalgia.

Paul W (es) wrote: Chaplin in fine fettle with this charming tale that packs an unexpectedly affecting conclusion. Memorable set pieces include the brilliantly choreographed boxing scene.

Brad W (kr) wrote: I thought it wasn't too bad. Obviously most of the budget went towards Christian Slater's salary, but the camera use was actually pretty cool. Story sort of dipped off by the end, but wasn't too bad.

Jojo H (it) wrote: This movie is pretty bad, but it is one of my guilty pleasures because there is actually a bit of enjoyment to be had in this film if you don't take it too seriously.

Greg W (ca) wrote: A big, Harry family adventure full of laughs.

Dave C (kr) wrote: Somehow I missed Kingsman when it released a few years back. Better late than never, and it's a better film than I expected. Much better in-fact, so much so that I am now very excited about the sequel coming out later this year. Great performances, a smart story, and (perhaps above all) a hugely entertaining ride round out the reasons for what I enjoyed about Kingsman. It brings a flare to the old fashioned spy/espionage theme, and it has a lot of fun reveling in all of the British charm available to them and infusing it with a strong sense of street credibility. It is gratuitously violent (it is a more mature film, so you might want to be aware of the age range that is watching it, depending on your approach to certain sensibilities), akin to those now infamous Kill Bill films, but the story itself feels much more directed than Kill Bill, and the Bond type flavor much more familiar. Keeping the intrigue of the story in the realm of the spy thriller allows the more bold and uncomfortable visuals to have their place.

Drew S (jp) wrote: Like The Man Who Knew Too Much, I love this movie for reasons I don't really understand - probably nostalgia.