Irada Pakka

Irada Pakka

Rohit and Adhya are happily married and in order to break the monotony in life, they decide to play a game; little knowing that destiny had something else in store for them. A game in which...

Rohit and Adhya are happily married and in order to break the monotony in life, they decide to play a game; little knowing that destiny had something else in store for them. A game in which... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avishek S (es) wrote: a good bhardwaj-sqe film..

Mlissa A (it) wrote: TELLEMENT decue. AU moins, on y entre-voit plusieurs de nos bons danseurs qubcois ! Sinon, rien dire.

Ole J (mx) wrote: Very weird movie, Very bad movie.

ed f (mx) wrote: The dialogue drags on and some of the special effects wouldn't look out of place in a Saturday morning series. Otherwise a good movie for those into fantasy, especially Japanese fantasy

Mary S (us) wrote: Why end a movie like that!?

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Brian C (mx) wrote: While the editing and pacing were very annoying, The Dead Next Door is quite a good story. We have the Zombie Squad hunting down zombies, but also trying to find a cure. We have a religious cult doing whatever a cult does other than keeping zombies and feeding their dead to them. Almost every character is named after a famous horror director/writer/special effects person which is a nice touch.There are some really cool moments in this, and is worth seeing, but be patient as it has terrible pacing.

Benjamin W (it) wrote: An excellent film all about tragedy and redemption. The cinematography is simple, but beautiful and the plot and characters are definitely some of the best I've seen in a while.

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