Irány Mexikó

Irány Mexikó


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Irány Mexikó 1968 full movies, Irány Mexikó torrents movie

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Irány Mexikó torrent reviews

Oscar G (us) wrote: Muy mal dirigida, actuada, y para colmo escrita. Un intento de incursionar en la direccin sumamente desafortunado.

Jason V (jp) wrote: It's a pity the live action Jonah Hex film isn't worthy of this short. Hex comes in later to the action and the story is a bit thin (at 12 minutes, too), but it encapsulates the character perfectly. Few words, man of action and not a conventional super hero. A bit gruesome, too, and a killer ending. No pun intended.

Sukaran S (us) wrote: Excellent from Start to Finish

Al H (mx) wrote: Predictible until the end.

Dann M (de) wrote: Odd but strangely alluring, Novocaine is a suspenseful back comedy. After being seduced by a femme fatale, Dr. Frank Sangster finds himself caught up in a web of lies, sex, and murder. Starring Steve Martin, Helena Bonham Carter, Laura Dern, and Scott Caan, the cast is quite good, as are the performances (especially Carter's). Additionally, the writing balances the dark themes with light humor rather well. Still, the film does have some problems, as the tone's a bit uneven at times and most of the characters aren't fleshed out. Novocaine has some rough spots, but overall it's an entertaining film that's full of intrigue.

Frances H (es) wrote: Just didn't come across--the plot didn't ' make a lot of sense in any meaningful way.

Rubn L (mx) wrote: Lo importante es el concepto!!! y aki el concepto est muy claro... est pelcula es la puta ostia... est bien hecha y tiene unos momentos inolvidables... Bardem diciendo tu sabes xq?? because I love uuuuu!!!! y el puto Manquia... A ver me cago en la puta aki van a haber ondonados de ostias!!!!!

Dean M (it) wrote: John Travolta makes a wonderful performance who's searching to find and free his own friendship in this electrifying thriller (based on a true story).

Guido S (ca) wrote: As a wrestling fan, I wanted to see this but never got around to it.. Finally did, and is it bad. Basically Hulk Hogan plays himself, except his name is Rip, and a television network wants him on their channel but Hulk doesn't want to go. So they hire a fighter to beat up his brother to force him to fight. Could have been good, but it is incredibly dumb. Probably the only highlight of the film is seeing Peter Dinklage in a blink and you'll miss him role.

Dax D (mx) wrote: A gritty wartime drama that isn't afraid to show the dark sides of good people.

Sarah O (br) wrote: Now I remember why I love Jean-Luc Godard. I haven't seen one of his films in years, yet for some reason, the trailer for this one always stuck in my head and has been on my must see list for that period of time. It did not disappoint. It is strange and New Wave, and surreal. Seems like a pre-cursor to Blade Runner. Can't wait to get back on a Godard kick.

Greg W (de) wrote: another good entry in this detective/crime series

Movie K (fr) wrote: Quite ok action thriller. Starting the military drone found a terrorist suspected to be the target but data analysis prove not suitable to attack. The president give the go ahead and Defense Sec Michael Chiklis although not in favor has to comply. Shia LaBeouf twin brother is dead and they haven't been in contact for 3 years. Michelle Monaghan is a single mother whose son is going away for a music performance. Right after Shia attended the funeral, his bank receive $750k and he gets a bunch of weird parcels, all of weapons and national secrets. His phone rang and a woman tell him FBI is coming. Billy Bob Thornton question him like a terrorist. Rosario Dawson is investigator from Air Force to question Shia. A crane crash his holding room and he escape and obey the woman command. Michelle is also been commanded as her son is hostage. Both met up and have to complete tasks, including robbing a mystery timer briefcase. The police chase them but is thwarted along the way and duo escape. Rosario go back to investigate and is invited to join in Michael team. They have a secret computer ARIA to detect terrorist and crisis. Anthony Mackie is also on the team to investigate. While looking thru the CCTV, they see Shia twin bro leaving post 3 minutes earlier and using his phone to make morse code. They find his memory card in the fire extinguisher and after seeing the video they know what happen. Meanwhile Billy manage to track the duo to the airport and chase them but they escape with the help of the mystery woman controlling everything electronic. The duo board a military plane and arrive at Pentagon. Rosario and Anthony brief Michael that ARIA has execute a fail-safe ops to kill all the important leaders in USA when the mission to strike the terrorist at the beginning turns out to be wrong. Going by the constitution the people has the right to fight back and bring down corrupt government and that is what ARIA lives by. Shia twin knows it and lock it down. Therefore it is luring Shia civilian to unlock itself. Michael is trap in the holding room. Rosario and Anthony try to remove the hard drives to slow it down. Shia and Michelle enter the ARIA centre and Shia unlock cos their voice are same. Michelle can't bear to kill him on ARIA command and he is caught. Michelle is whisk by another official to do next task. Rosario warn Billy and he take Shia out of cell. ARIA activate a drone to kill them. Billy sacrifice by crashing a car to stop the drone. Michelle arrive in the conference room to hear the President speech. Her son's troupe are invited to perform for him. His trumpet has been planted a trigger which will use the frequency to blow up a crystal necklace worn by Michelle. This latest weapon was stolen by ARIA for this mission. The note is about to reach and Shia create chaos by shooting gun up the ceiling and he is shot down by guards. Michael acknowledge this failure and says intel collection is still important but must be handle carefully in order not to sacrifice heroes (Billy and Shia twin)

Ben C (mx) wrote: Even if it wasn't faithful to the book, by far, Flowers in the Attic still brought the thrills presented in the book.

Lucas N (us) wrote: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Sandler's sold out! The once great comedy actor has gone from the heights of the entertainment world with classic movies and being an iconic member of the Saturday Night Live cast, reduced to starring in the visually unappealing, comically terrible, bad acted mess that all conglomerates in this wasteland.

Thomas G (ca) wrote: First, I have to state one thing; I will probably be reviewing less adult animated films because I am sort of burnt out on them. So if you want me to review more, please send me some sufggestions. In the meantime, I am moving on to B-Horror films and cult films. So begins this review;Squirm is a 1976 cult/nature strikes back/horror film that took 24 days to shoot in one city, and it is the debut of oscar winning makeup artist Rick Baker. And for this debut, it is a silly, campy horror film that only scared me twice; Once during the close-upsof worms with teeth and once wityh a character who has worms embedded into his chin. By silly, I do mean that the plot is stupid to the point that you can't help but laugh; powerlines fall into the ground, and the elctric pulses mutate worms to where they have a taste for human flesh. By worms, I mean d**tloads of fake toy worms that look like they were made of Play-Doh, and as I mentioned before, close ups of worms with teeth. It is badly written, badly acted, and has some terrible dialogue Example: "I didn't get out of that truck! I stayed in the whole time and I never left that truck... except to get out". And there are scenes that are so preposterous that you just laugh. One scene includes one of the character finding a body that was eaten by worms that still contains worms. So what does he do? He takes a shovel and beats the body with it before running back to his car. Overall, the film is an okay cult classic that isn't much of a good start for my reviews of this kind of genre. However, this is one of those films that you should watch just to see how bad it is, because I love beautiful failures like these.

Dan M (us) wrote: This is a pretty cool film! I love stories that use Sci-Fi to explain how history might have happened or been shaped. Plus I'm intrigued by the possibility of ancient aliens. I've also always been interested with Egyptian history. And of course I love space! So this film was a pretty perfect mix of all of those things! I think I'll be starting to watch the various TV series' soon! Just as soon as I finally complete all of the Star Trek series' after 3 years!