Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

Documentary portraying the actions of U.S. corporate contractors in the U.S.-Iraq war. Interviews with employees and former employees of such companies as Halliburton, CACI, and KBR suggest that government cronyism is behind apparent "sweetheart" deals that give such contractors enormous freedom to profit from supplying support and material to American troops while providing little oversight. Survivors of employees who were killed discuss the claim that the companies cared more for profit than for the welfare of their own workers, and soldiers indicate that the quality of services provided is sub-standard and severely in contradiction to the comparatively huge profits being generated. Also depicted are the unsuccessful attempts by the filmmakers to get company spokesmen to respond to the charges made by the interviewees.

Documentary portraying the actions of U.S. corporate contractors in the U.S.-Iraq war. Interviews with employees and former employees of such companies as Halliburton, CACI, and KBR suggest... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JY S (jp) wrote: Kazuchika Kise and Masahiko Murata's Ghost in the Shell Arise - Border 1: Ghost Pain is sci-fi anime bliss.50 minutes proves to be enough to tell a solid cyber-crime story. The plot details require attention with the possibility of multiple viewings to fully engulf, but ultimately the writing pays off as a solid story unfolds. If there is any gripe to be had, it is the lack of explanations in regards to this highly technological universe in which the story takes place.Visually, this animation's got it going on. The backgrounds and settings are a beauty, while the movements of the characters during the action scenes are smooth and pleasing to the eyes.The voice-work of the cast match their respective characters. Maaya Sakamoto gets the honor to voice the great Motoko Kusanagi.Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 1:Ghost Pain holds true for a serious science fiction animation. "6 people, huh?"

Jamie F (es) wrote: Pretty F'd up movie.

Marvin T (fr) wrote: Great movie. It shows the true spirit for Shaolin Kung Fu, and it shows what true sacrifice is really about.

Frances K (it) wrote: creepy, atmospheric, and real as fuck.

Jordon J (kr) wrote: One of Haneke's most underrated pieces, despite this '71 Fragments' is undeniably one of his greatest achievements. This film is unforgiving, confrontational and poetically mundane. The film's formula is that of repetition as form of insight into the gruelling daily activities of western civilisation. Haneke explores the random or perhaps the mediated with themes of class divide and racial tension amidst a turbulent backdrop of political unrest, which seems even more evident today as it did back then. Black frames intercut the titular '71 Fragments', there is no music, it is a cold meditation on the psychological damage caused by government control and social tension. Haneke asserts a degree of intelligence from the viewer, so for those who are prepared to think '71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance' is rewarding and essential viewing.

Eric M (ag) wrote: the late kayo hatta's masterpiece. incredibly haunting and gorgeous tribute to hawaiian community life, immigrant people's struggles and the working class.

Caleb W (ca) wrote: Mark this down as a very entertaining western with more realistic gunfight scenes than most films, meaning the good guys get shot as well as the villains. Good movie.

scott f (us) wrote: good story line not enough elvis singing i just wish it could have ended differnty and evlis was great in this

Chris M (ag) wrote: In 1940, a film called "The Philadelphia Story", starring Cary Grant, James Stewart, and Katherine Hepburn, was released to critical and financial success. It also received six Academy Award nominations, and won two for its screenplay and James Stewart's performance. Sixteen years later, a musical remake to this film titled "High Society" was made, this time starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Grace Kelly. Before I delve into my thoughts on "High Society", I'd like to briefly share my opinion on remakes in general. Unless they are based on a film that was bad and/or improve upon the flaws of their predecessor, I find remakes completely unnecessary and lazy especially when it's a good film that's being remade. So although it is a remake of a well-made comedy, "High Society" works reasonably well for what it is which is light, amusing musical entertainment. A jazz musician by the name of C.K. Dexter-Haven (Bing Crosby) has recently been divorced from wealthy socialite Tracy Samantha Lord (Grace Kelly, in her final film role before officially becoming Princess Grace of Monaco). Despite this circumstance along with her recent engagement to snooty gentleman George Kittredge (John Lund), Dexter is still in love with her and determined to win her back. Things become further complicated when a magazine sends reporter Mike Connor (Frank Sinatra) and photographer Liz Imbrie (Celeste Holm) to cover the wedding in exchange of disregarding humiliating information about the family. Though Mike is very reluctant to be there, he does become attracted to Tracy as well. Now, Tracy must choose between Dexter, Mike, and George before the big day arrives. If I could come up with only one reason why you should see this film regardless if you possibly don't care for either musicals or remakes, it would be for the cast. I don't recall another film in history that has brought together Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly all in one film. Kelly ends her impressive acting career here with arguably the only comedic role she's played. One could say she's mostly imitating Katherine Hepburn here and that some of her previous roles (notably Frances Stevens in "To Catch a Thief") technically had even more underlying humor present. She still has fun with this role and has not lost any of the charm or beauty that made people like me love her in the first place. Crosby and Sinatra also bring their usual charm and star power to their roles, most notably in the film's best musical number "Well, Did You Evah". I liked the chemistry between Kelly and Sinatra, and how he has to take time to warm up to her ways. Even though Crosby and Sinatra are both competing for Kelly's affection, I didn't mind that they were still friendly towards one another. If it wasn't for the star power of Kelly, Sinatra or Crosby, I would have forgotten that there were even actors in this film since the characters themselves are pretty underdeveloped, especially George. George is the type of character that was only created for the convenience of the plot and nothing more. He is an exceptionally poor antagonist to the story because he has no personality to him and he doesn't seem to enjoy being there. I've already implied that "Well, Did You Evah" was the musical highlight of the film, but how do the other songs written by Cole Porter hold up in my mind? I'd say that with the exception of one or two forgettable tunes, the others range from solid to catchy. "High Society" (the opening tune sung by Louis Armstrong and his band), "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", and "You're Sensational" come to mind when naming other well written songs. If you're a hardcore fan of Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and the musical film genre in general, I think you'll find "High Society" to be fine, fluffy evening entertainment.

Steve S (au) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) A romantic drama from 1954 that was nominted for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. It doesn't hold up well. Its rose-colored glasses are far too rosey and an annoying performance from young Maggie McNamara help sink the film. The wonderful scenery of Rome helps a little...but not enough. The film revolves around three young women travelling in Rome. They each throw a coin into the famed Trevi Fountain with the hopes that romance will come their way. And of course it does. The great Clifton Webb comes off best.

Sam R (es) wrote: I'm always reluctant about Italian neo-realism because I always expect a big, long misery-fest about how hard life is but this had a bit more to it. Based on The Postman Always Rings Twice, this follows a drifter as he gets tangled up with a married woman who persuades him to kill her husband but of course it doesn't run so smoothly. It drags a bit in places but it's generally a pretty good film noir with some great photography

Emily M (ca) wrote: Expected this to be a little funnier being the sequel to Bruce Almighty and starring Steve Carell, but it was still good!

J K (it) wrote: I never understood MGM (and Hollywood's) fascination with movies in the USSR. Were they trying to market to their audiences? Why? The Soviets banned most Western movies during the Cold War. I wish they would've banned this stateside. Total drek.

Sou L (es) wrote: Somedody suddenly appears and steals yr job, yr wife, yr life. Heard that before? Maybe, but this is a unique chance to watch this under a great direction. Its movies like this that knowing the end does not harm yr imagination.

Dilhara A (jp) wrote: beautiful and awakening. not surprised at National Geographic's incredible work.

adam u (au) wrote: It was a truely Fast paced joy ride Its unique because not many movies are about trucking. Randy Travis fit his part to a T.