Irene Huss - Den krossade tanghästen

Irene Huss - Den krossade tanghästen

A man jumps from a balcony and dies. His terrified wife witnesses the event in a nearby taxi cab. Once Irene Huss arrives on the scene, it soon turns out that what appeared to be a tragic ...

A man jumps from a balcony and dies. His terrified wife witnesses the event in a nearby taxi cab. Once Irene Huss arrives on the scene, it soon turns out that what appeared to be a tragic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sameer S (es) wrote: The film is definitely an improvement from the previous one piece movies.The story has been criticized for a lot of plot holes such as why didn't Z regress his own age?why didn't straw hats save everyone and focused more on getting back the hat?They can be explained very easily if looked upon from a positive mindset.The strawhats are pirates and not some heroes who fight for the right cause,so they had no reason to protect the new world.Z wasn't afraid to die nor was his aim to win against the marines,so why bother prolonging your life? Anyway,i loved the action quite a bit and the animation and sound quality was top-notch.The various cameos and appearance by different marine official was exciting.The film loses a bit of momentum in the middle but not enough for you to lose interest and the ending personally left me emotional. People might argue that the strawhats weren't the main feature of the film as much as the marines but it was a refreshing perspective and felt different but in a good way. To all one piece fans,do watch the film and to all those who don't watch one piece,you will enjoy it as well.

laura k (it) wrote: I hated just about everything about this movie-- the frenetic photography and music, bland characters, virtually non-existent plot, white contact lenses, and the abrupt ending...

Peter D (ag) wrote: This movie was okay, but just okay. The concept of the movie was cool and the fighting scenes were realistic and probably the best part of the movie. I don't feel as though I knew the characters and they weren't really developed. I wish that there were more buildup to the fight scenes, seeing that was the best part. They should have put more into the fighting aspect of it and the training. I only remember one short scene where Channing Tatum's character was actually prepping for a fight.

James H (nl) wrote: Downright boring horror film. Not very uninvolving or convincing. The acting is fine though. It is just rather pointless.

Larry C (au) wrote: Jedan od mojih licnih favorita

Scott T (de) wrote: Mark Harmon is in this movie. Need I say more?

Rendan L (es) wrote: Bruno is eerily intelligent and Cohens performance is fearless but it does cross the line more then a couple times.Grade: B-

Philip J (it) wrote: It is Halloween night. What are you planning to do? Go trick or treating with friends? Or maybe cause some mischief instead by playing pranks on your grumpy old neighbor? How about attending a Halloween party? But not just your run-of-the-mill soiree -- this party I'm talking about promises a night to remember. Your hostess for this particular party is the wicked Goth chick extraordinaire Angela (Amelia Kinkade). The location: Hull House. In case you are wondering, no this house isn't haunted -- just possessed. Word has it Hull House was actually a mortuary built on land the Native Americans considered "unclean". Hull House was also said to be where pure evil roams free. But these are just rumors, right? C'mon, you know it is gonna be fun having a party at a place like Hull House. The rumors of it being possessed merely enhance the...tone and atmosphere of the spirit of Halloween. Lucky for Angela, there are a bunch of teens out there who are eager to try something different and actually join her soiree. Let's meet them. Judy Cassidy (Cathy Podewell) is the nice, virginal girl. At first, she is reluctant to attend Angela's party, but her boyfriend somehow convinces her. He is Jay Jensen (Lance Fenton), one of those preppy, clean-cut nice guys. We later find out he is not as clean-cut as we thought, but I'll leave it at that. Sal Romero (Billy Gallo) is the rebel, the guy who loves to talk back to you --in your face. Max (Philip Tanzini) and Frannie (Jill Terashita) are the typical horny couple. Suzanne (Linnea Quigley) is Angela's best friend and a slut. And of course, horror movies need to have their share of truly obnoxious guys so fat lard Stooge (Hal Havins) and motor mouth Rodger (Alvin Alexis) fit the bill perfectly. All of them converge at Hull House where they decide to (what else?), party. After spending some time chillin' and dancing, one of the teens suggests that they have a seance of some sort. While the seance is being performed, Suzanne witnesses a visage of a demon in a mirror. She panics, the mirror falls and shatters. She'll definitely be getting seven years of bad luck. But that is the least of her problems because there is even a more palpable threat. The demons, which have laid dormant in the deepest depths of Hull House, are finally awakened. Being that this is Halloween night, these demons are now free to wreck havoc however they wish. So one of the demons possesses Suzanne. She in turn kisses Angela (yes!!!) and before long, Angela is also inhabited by a demon. As Angela and Suzanne gradually transform into full-blooded demons, the two embark on a killing rampage and the bloody mayhem begins. They growl, they bite, they have a penchant for Freddy Krueger-style wisecracks. Who will get out alive? Will anyone be able to survive the night? Get ready for this is gonna be one hell of a party...The extremely cheesy animation sequence which takes place during the opening credits strongly intimate that Night of the Demons is a horror film which really doesn't take itself too seriously. That's a good thing because Night of the Demons is replete with horrendous stereotypes, mostly unsympathetic characters, mediocre-to-terrible acting (and sophomoric overacting) and cliches galore (e.g., those who have sex will die). Night of the Demons isn't exactly an innovative or groundbreaking horror film. The acting is for the most part lamentable and the plot itself is trite and unoriginal. Imagine combining the "house is alive" element from The Amityville Horror, the "I dare you to stay in this spooky place for one night" motif from both Hell Night and House on Haunted Hill plus the demonic possession concept from Lamberto Bava's nonsensical but entertaining Demons. That's basically the formula for Night of the Demons. Another problem I had with Night of the Demons were the appallingly extreme stereotypes. Stooge, the really rotund guy is a rude, obnoxious bastard with zero social grace (picture Bluto from Animal House with a touch of Eric Cartman and Peter Griffin). Rodger, like most black guys in these kinds of movies, naturally has a penchant for acting overzealously paranoid. He also happens to be the son of a preacher. Like the stereotypical Goth chick, Angela acts freaky and even does a freaky dance number at one point while her slutty best friend loves to be gazed at. We also have a grumpy old man as a supporting character. Being the grouch that he is, he hates those damn kids and thinks they cause nothing but trouble (which is mostly true). These stereotypes in turn, make the characters mostly unsympathetic --that, and the fact that they do some of the most absurd things imaginable while trying to survive in a possessed house. Of course, it is expected that teens in horror flicks lack rationale. Only the virginal chick is remotely likable -- and if you watch horror movies frequently, you'll know what kind of role she'll end up playing. As for everybody else, actually I was kind of happy when a few of these characters bit the dust. The dialogue is definitely pathetic, but truth be told, I couldn't help but laugh at it at times. That's the point, right? One of the more unforgettable (and quotable) lines of dialogue is "Eat a bowl of fuck! I am here to PARTY!" This line is of course, courtesy of Stooge. Another scene takes place in a convenience store, where two horny clerks are staring down Suzanne's dress. She notices the two peeping toms and asks if they have any "sour balls". Of course, the two replied positively, but she makes a comeback by saying that they don't get a whole lot of blowjobs. Some audiences will groan when listening to the dialogue; others will revel in it. I suppose it all depends on what kind of mood you are in. To put it kindly, the acting in this film is unmemorable. Most of the performers themselves were apparently at least ten years older (at the time this film was made) than the teenagers they portrayed. Veritable screen queen legend Linnea Quigley delivers one of the better performances. Especially when she is possessed...and horny at the same time. The overacting from a number of cast members (especially from Alvin Alexis and Hal Havins) bothered me a bit, but I guess they were portraying caricatures after all. Yet in spite of what I have been writing, I still find Night of the Demons to be a competently made horror film. Unlike most post-Scream horror flicks which emerged starting in the late 1990s, Night of the Demons goes for the jugular when generating scares. Instead of going for cheap frights and thrills, director Kevin S. Tenney actually gives a damn about building suspense and tension. He doesn't rely on hyper-kinetic, migraine-inducing editing; instead Tenney focuses on mood and deliberate pacing to exploit -- and play with -- our intrinsic fears of the unknown and supernatural. Tenney makes use of the derelict house setting to amplify the fear factor. When the camera pans the various corridors and deserted rooms of the haunted house, you get a sense of apprehension tingling down your spine. When a demon possesses a character and she begins to exhibit eccentric behavior, you feel just as nervous as the characters on-screen. For me, it is a more satisfying experience to watch a movie that emphasizes on slowly building terror and gradually increasing momentum. It is both nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. A truly good horror sequence should allow the viewer to realize danger is approaching yet he/she cannot exactly anticipate when (and how) it will manifest. Like Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Night of the Demons is a possessed house tale that has atmosphere to boot. Good atmosphere, mood, and tension which builds level by level all enable this film to convey an overall sense of palpable dread throughout -- especially once the real party begins! At times, Night of the Demons does go for the "false alarm" scare (this always seems to irate me the most). In one scene during their arrival at Hull House, a couple of teens investigate what is inside a coffin. As soon as they open a coffin, someone jumps out. Of course, it is only Sal. However, unlike a good majority of horror movies out there, this happens only few and far between. The eye-opening special effects are really ingenious. One particularly memorable effect has the possessed Suzanne sticking a tube of lipstick right inside her breast. That sequence admittedly impressed this normally jaded viewer. The graphic and gory murder sequences are worth highlighting. One poor soul gets both of his eyes gouged out. Someone else loses his tongue while trying to make out with Angela. And yet two other foolish victims decide to have sex -- inside a coffin! Consequently, they both get trapped -- permanently. Sex is lethal, my friend. My favorite death scene though involves the aforementioned cantankerous old guy and some sharp-edged razor blades. I will say no more except it is an awesome twist on the traditional throat-slashing murder. Special effects guru Steve Johnson gets the job done right in crafting the gruesome sequences. Earlier on, I pointed out some of the film's more glaring weaknesses, but even I have to admit this: the badness is part of the film's amusement factor. The film's sense of humor isn't overbearing to the point it becomes a parody of itself. Granted the humor does misfire quite a bit, but at least it is worth a couple of chuckles. Good thing this film maintains some semblance of humor; otherwise its flaws would've made this film rather embarrassing. For the more serious-minded horror fan, if you can get past the corny dialogue, lame plot, and inordinate stereotypes, you will find Night of the Demons to be a surprise treat. It is worth a rental for horror film buffs who are looking to have a good time without having to worry about such cinematic nuances as thematic content and pathos. No, this film will not change the face of horror cinema, but it is an enjoyable, spooky ride with the right mix of gore and goose bumps. Be sure to get the unrated version. From what I hear, the R-rated version edited out several good stuff.

Benjamin M (de) wrote: A surreal musical delight! The centerpiece is a scene with Spalding Gray.

Brandon S (kr) wrote: Finney gives a uncompromising and shocking performance as an out of control alcoholic living in Mexico. The film starts out with a bleak beginning and soon flips into a nightmare. A perfect example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, supporting cast does a fine job throughout as well. Also of mention the film includes a Mexican pimp midget as if Finney's fired up sermons weren't enough to constantly freak you out!

Bill T (es) wrote: Admittedly, I liked this one more than I needed too. I got on a kick of watching a lot of 80's sex comedies again.. Some of them still worked, some of them sucked, but this one was a nice surprise, actually full of heart. I liked the two leads and of course Crispin Glover generally being himself.

Joseph B (ru) wrote: The first in a trilogy of films referred to by director Terry Gilliam as the "trilogy of imagination." This film is seen through the eyes of a child who loves history and wants desperately to escape his life where his parents can't be bothered to be torn away from their new gadgets or game shows. One night in bed a knight on a horse bursts through his closet. He is scared, but his parents just tell him to go to bed. The next night he waits up with a flashlight expecting something similar to happen and he is met by six dwarves said to represent the Monty Python group. Along with the dwarves, the boy travels through history to steal valuable items with the help of a magic map. This map is also sought after by an evil sorcerer who wants to rule the world.Cameos in the movie include John Cleese, Sean Connery and Ian Holm. Very impressive film with great special effects on its modest budget.

KJ P (ag) wrote: Based off the novel of the same name, written by Phoebe Gloeckner, "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" is a very offbeat indie film about an 18-year-old girl who loses her virginity to her mother's new boyfriend. If that already sounds hard to watch for you, then I can tell you right now, this film is absolutely not for you. There are times where even the biggest of cinema fans may feel slightly awkward while viewing this picture. This film follows Minnie, who is an extreme introvert who will take on any situation as it presents itself. As she has very virginity stripped away, she continues to do so, becoming the school slut and following a path that pretty much very viewer will be against. Having a plot like that is very ballsy, as there is really no levity here.Is this a good film? Yes it is, but I found myself almost disliking it more than actually enjoying what was being presented to me. At a mere 102 minutes, I found myself checking my watch many times, as the film dives too far into sexuality to really grasp what this character is going through. There are many times (although Bel Powley does a great job of portraying her) that Minnie becomes very whiny and annoying. Again, this has nothing to do with the portrayal of the character, but more of the character herself. I found myself disliking every time she was on screen, which is 95% of the film.Due to the fact that this film feels very gross and drab, the simple camerawork and subtle visuals were really what stood out to me. Having her thoughts told through animations around her was very unique and that was easily my favorite part about this film. I understand that many girls have probably gone through a phase like this, and few have probably even gone this far or further, but for this particular character, I did not buy the arc she went through, because it felt incomplete and that she still has a very dark/sexual future ahead of her.With a very abrupt ending that leaves you wishing you had more, even though I did not want to see anymore, "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" is a very uncomfortable film to watch, but a very well-made one. This film may have not been my cup of tea, but I found myself believing the actions of Monroe (Minnie's mothers boyfriend) to be the most realistic, even though he is easily one of the sleaziest characters in the film. Kristen Wiig delivers a surprisingly great performance, but aside from shock value, her character does not do much here.In the end, I found myself admiring this film the entire way through, but it is very uncomfortable to sit through. With interesting visuals, a great cast, and a plot that definitely does what it sets out to do, "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" is solid filmmaking, but nothing more in my opinion.