Irene Huss - Eldsdansen

Irene Huss - Eldsdansen


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Bruce B (gb) wrote: Great Movie for this time of year, another one for those Under 16, and Over 30. If your an animal lover then this movie is for you. Cute. Its been added to my Collection.

Anan E (au) wrote: yes please support this movie, those poor poor defenseless bankers!! boo hoo hoo!

Emanuel P (ru) wrote: This was by far THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! (and I have seen a lot of movies) I don't even want to justify it with a the way, DON'T WATCH IT!

Larry C (kr) wrote: So many talented actors and actresses. The movie is very dark with no real ending.

Matt L (it) wrote: I was into the movie, but realized we were halfway through and I still didn't understand what was happening. It finally gets cleared up at the end, sort of. Still not sure what I watched.

Joseph F (it) wrote: It was good but not all stars because I hate the fossils part. It ruins the experience of the film and I just want to see the animals, not people finding fossils.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Would like to see sometime!

Al W (au) wrote: A great testament to human ingenuity and genius. This short documentary traces the life of the two rovers - Spirit and Opportunity - as they begin their journey to the red planet. The narrator discusses the risks to the mission and the difficulty in actually sending a probe to Mars. Thanks to some incredible CGI, the lift off and landing of the probes are shown and the first few months of their respective missions are discussed. Some amazing footage but the real heroes are the scientist and engineers that made this happen. Kudos to them for a job well done!

Shahad M (jp) wrote: Not easy viewing. But based on a true story. Quite hardcore.

Alejandro V (kr) wrote: Hermosa pelcula con momentos depresivos, la actuacin de Polley es tan perfecta que solo por ella vale la pena, Mark Ruffalo se luce. Una cinta en donde los sentimientos estn a flor de piel, en donde los colores, sonidos, miradas y silencios juegan un papel importante. Imprescindible y favorita.

Dan M (it) wrote: Seemingly low keyed yet rife with sometimes tense drama. Louis Malle seldom disappoints and this is no exception.

Jason C (br) wrote: How can you not be a fan of something this awful? I'm pretty sure the screenwriters split time and whoever wrote the second half didn't bother to read the first. Really one of the most poorly constructed films you're likely to encounter. A testament to the pleasures available from watching truly bad films.

carrie c (jp) wrote: Basically making fun of boy bands and zombie flix

Daniel H (ca) wrote: Lee's Destruction scene at the end is iconic the praying in latin is idiotic to heavy catholic bias for this protestant

Brad S (au) wrote: This was Stanley Kubrick's first feature film and it shows. Kubrick essentially disowned the film and tried to have all negatives destroyed, he felt it was too amateurish. This film is a long way from his other masterpieces, and you only get fleeting glimpses of what was to come from him. This is also the first film for actor/director Paul Mazursky. This one is for hardcore Kubrick fans only.