Irene Huss - Nattrond

Irene Huss - Nattrond

Employees at a private hospital find one of the nurses killed during a power-outage. One witness claims to have seen the killer: A woman who hanged herself in the hospital 60 years ago.

Employees at a private hospital find one of the nurses killed during a power-outage. One witness claims to have seen the killer: A woman who hanged herself in the hospital 60 years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny R (br) wrote: Although the choreography is decent, everything else from the acting to the plot is horrendous and is akward to watch.

Michael D (ca) wrote: A long overdue movie about one of the 20th centuries key battles. There are some great scenes, but overall it feels disjointed. The scenes are ineffectively put into sequences and the film tries to tell so much in so little time that it feels very, very incomplete by the time it ends.

Peter P (fr) wrote: I think that this was one of the last movies Brittany Murphy did before she died, which is sad, cause it is pretty terrible. The story itself is not awful, but the acting and effects a horrendous, plus it seem to go on forever even though it was only an hour and a half.

Levi P (us) wrote: What this movie had going for it was Cloris Leachman as a racist, foul mouthed grandmother! What it didn(TM)t have going for it was Tara Reid, as a drunk, worthless mother. Otherwise this was a solid thriller.

Joseph (ag) wrote: Not as good as the series but has a lot of good material in it. They just take the piss out of some of the greatest and worst Sci-Fi films and shows. I would have liked another season with the release of the film. If you like the series you will like the movie.

Josh S (mx) wrote: Why was this made? The whole thing seemed very stilted. The acting was barely mediocre, partly due to a poor cast, but I would blame that mostly on an awful script. This movie tried to be something original, but failed in execution.

Santosh N (de) wrote: Nice comedy with a touch of a thriller thrown in!

Fallon O (gb) wrote: I was surprised when I realized it wasn't in English (watched it on Netflix Canada). I still really enjoyed it. CJ7 is adorable. I'd compare this to movies like "batteries not included" & "Mac & me". I like 'cute' alien movies <3

Danny H (br) wrote: Ultimate Avengers 1 is a movie, while flawed, still manages to have more characterization than this film. The biggest problem with the first movie was how little things were explored. I mean, don't get me wrong the characters are likable, even Giant Man, the whiney prick of a superhero HE is, actually has some character development here. But what strikes me as strange is that even though he's the most developed character, the movie is about Black Panther, who's powers I STILL don't understand to this day. This movie is entertaining, but it's got problems flowing out the ass end of the Hulk. Could someone please explain to me why this African culture has giant invulnerable alien cannon shooter, FUCK YOU, turrets, yet they still use spears and arrows? I mean to their credit the spears and arrows WORK but that's only because everyone who gets taken down by them, is a bit of a moron. Some unknown alien, and Giant Man, see? Told ya, unknown grunts are always morons in comic stories, and Giant Man has proven before, he's just one big herp derp. Like the first movie this one has it's moments, but it has way fewer moments, and Captain America's little WW2 to now Crisis was explored better in the first film, and gave him closure, here...I don't understand it, at all. It's just kinda randomly shoved in there. I guess he's the focus because he was the main character in the last movie, and don't get me wrong I love Captain America, but let's face it, he's already been developed, why not spend more time focusing on Thor and his act of defying his father to save the human race from alien annihilation? They dedicate all of two scenes to that, and that sub-plot NEVER gets any closure, da fuq broski? Da fuq? This movie is one I can't really see myself recommending outside of the casual "meh, if you liked the first one, I guess you could watch this one, if only out of pure curiosity." Yep, it's one of those "only watch if you're curious" movies, other than that, just go watch the live action Marvel movies...well except Ghost Rider, that one can sit and spin.

James H (ru) wrote: What a dreadful film. The giant insect special effects for the most part are very unconvincing, although there are a few good ones here and there. The acting is poor. A silly mess. The just should have called Terminex and gotten the movie over with sooner.

Elma M (ca) wrote: Ji-weon is a young journalist who exposes an under-age sex ring in an article. Shortly after, she starts receives haunting messages and images and thus decides to take a break and work on a novel. She retreats to an empty apartment owned by her best friend, but death threats and repeated calls from an unknown cell number follow her.~~~~~~~~~~~Story evolves about betrayal and revenge that uses the supernatural as a means of exposing the actions of the living characters....The actresses are excellent and extremely gorgeous, but I was impressed with the performance of the very young Seo-woo Eun, as she did a a great job, she really is horrible and alarming,with pure evil written act..The story can be confusing at times, shifting back and forth from past to present with no warning, but always infused with a strong sense of dread and a few humorous moments to ease the you really did have to concentrate to fully understand and enjoy the movie as well.....PHONE is effective enough as a scary movie. and I was reasonably entertained after a slow start

Nicholas G (nl) wrote: Arguably, the coolest movie ever made.

Mark V (mx) wrote: It's great and sobering.

Dann M (us) wrote: Chevy Chase is back for more misadventures in the hilarious comedy Fletch Lives. After inheriting his great aunt's estate in Louisiana, Fletch is framed for murder and has to discover who's behind it. Once again Chase delivers a great performance, though the character is a bit less edgy than in the previous film. Additionally, the sketches aren't as organic; coming off as rather board and cartoonish. Still, the comedy's really good and the mystery is involving. Fletch Lives is a lot fun and is full of laughs, but it doesn't have as good a story as the original.

S C (us) wrote: One of Spike Lee's better movies. Trademark Spike Lee dialogue and eccentric characters, you can see some of the foundation being laid for Do The Right Thing. Big cast as well, many of which went on to have great careers. The musical pieces are hit or miss...some fit in and work well in the context of the movie, a couple slowed the movie down for me.

Jonathan S (mx) wrote: Regardless of your personal feelings about the Talking Heads or Texas, this aimless film is so affable and good-natured it's hard to dislike. David Byrne's gentle comic persona makes a delightful tour guide through the town of Virgil and although the film is a bit of a puzzlement, it strangely satisfied me. Watch this only when you're in a special mood.

JamesMasaki R (br) wrote: Robert Ginty tries his best at a Chuck Norris impersonation, but ends up being one of the most unconvincing post-apocalypse films ever. Bad effects, bad acting, and I'm still trying to understand what the story was. Overall, it was pretty funny unintentionally, so it does get a star for that I guess.... As for what the motorcycle computer uses, "Geeks" "Dickheads" and "Bad Mothers"? sounds like the people who made this movie.

Zach B (us) wrote: Purchased this movie on Blu-ray for cheap, not expecting much. My only expectation was to enjoy some over the top cheap action thrills.Unfortunately for me, the movie couldn't even meet the lowest bar set.Now honestly, there is no judgement on the acting. And as far as plot, as long as it makes sense and is cohesive, I'm okay with it. it's Slyvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, they're mostly known for brawn. So again, that should be easy to convey. but it isn't. Action scenes consist of shotty editing and quick cuts and everything in between feels slow and boring. it's not just a movie that's past its time, it's a movie that shouldn't have happened. Keeping these two powerhouse action icons limited to a prison is a mistake from the get go.Final verdict I guess is to skip it. Action fans, Stallone fans, Schwarzenegger fans...I don't think anyone is going to walk away satisfied.

Mercedes O (br) wrote: This movie is FUN! One of my FAVORITES!

Bheema D (kr) wrote: Yeah, it's not really very good. But it really SHOULD be. The lighting is pretty snazzy and the set design is adequate, especially for such a b-level movie. The concept is also fantastic, probably the reason it inspired the 1979 masterpiece Alien. But dude...the script is so rushed and the acting is so horrifically bad that only hardcore 50s sci-fi nerds can survive the mere 69 minutes.