Irene Huss - Ring of Silence

Irene Huss - Ring of Silence

A young man was killed and is found naked in a dustbin. Has he been held hostage? The crime was done in the surroundings of a discotec.

A young man is found dead, dumped in a container. The body is naked, bloody and battered. An autopsy shows the victim was GHB in the body and have suffered whiplash, cuts and burns. Everything indicates that he has been kidnapped and sexually abused and tortured. There seems to be an organized gang has done this before, this is just the first time the victim has died. The tracks leading to a nightclub that Irene's daughter Jenny and her friend's visit, unaware of the danger. Irene Huss and her colleagues have a problem with the investigation when those who become victims do not report crimes because of shame, and for fear that someone will find out what happened. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Irene Huss - Ring of Silence torrent reviews

Gavin W (kr) wrote: Unbearably bad movie. You can fast-forward through 45% of it and miss absolutely nothing. Utterly self-indulgent.

Elliot H (it) wrote: I am now a Clair Denis fan thanks to this movie. Beautifully shot and executed.

Mark K (it) wrote: a strange, intriguing, devil worship movie that is sure to offend the casual viewer.

Greg W (kr) wrote: well crafted indie drama

Edwin U (au) wrote: my favorite movie of all time. Great film to practice acting too.

Chakubuta M (au) wrote: The best so far from Snipes after Passenger 57,

Janetta B (it) wrote: I like Julianne and Pierce....

Heather M (de) wrote: A great cast and tons of laughs.

Christopher C (br) wrote: The realism of the war sequences hold up almost 19 years later. The acting is all top notch and the characters play their parts well. The story is ok but a little unbelievable. It also runs very long. Overall it's a very entertaining movie.

Steve D (jp) wrote: Way to long and completely uninteresting

William W (mx) wrote: Last night, watching this spoof for the first time since seeing it in the theatre 21 years ago, I actually enjoyed it more. I think it's because in seeing attempts at comedy the past two decades, I've seen satires that have been a lot worse. Yes, Mel Brooks throws everything but the kitchen sink at you, but a lot of it is funny, he always loves what he's spoofing and he surrounds himself with very good actors and crew. Now I just hope to find Life Stinks so I can see all of his works.

Mark L (mx) wrote: What I loved the most about this film is the dialogue.

Brent H (jp) wrote: Julie Andrews is amazing. This movie is ok. It's not one of her best. But she is still very talented.