Irene Huss - The Hunted Witness

Irene Huss - The Hunted Witness

A young beautiful woman is found dead in the river and on the finger she wears a brilliantly fitted wedding ring that belongs to someone else. The autopsy shows that the cause of death is not drowning, but a head injury.

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Irene Huss - The Hunted Witness torrent reviews

Shane M (mx) wrote: WARNING: Movie may induce seizures. Do not watch movie while under the influence.This movie is a trip though. It seems like more than half the movie had nothing but strobe lights for lighting. There is a lot of nudity, alcohol, and drugs in here. I think I got a contact high just from watching this. Now I'm not against these subject matters, but I just didn't care for this movie. I also don't think I caught the significants of certain angles or scenes. It does try a lot of things different, I just wish there was an actual story being told.It didn't change my life. I don't know if I can recommend it to any of my friends, but then I also don't know who this movie's target audience is. But, hey, if the term "psychedelic thriller" peaks your interest, go for it. Otherwise, just just give this one a pass.

Keith M (mx) wrote: this film was not too good. it was a poor rehash of the original film but didn't have the same edge. the acting wasn't much to watch either.

Jorge v (us) wrote: De las unicas (sino es la unica) peliculas de Gibson que estaria dispuesto a ver varias veces.

Tony Raul G (it) wrote: Speaks so much to the times we live in where the working man and woman is working at near slave wages these days to make a proper living. To those whom think Socialism And Comunism are the boogie man, then think again. We need more people like Jack Reed And Louise Bryant today more than ever. With the Unions on the decline it is important to organize today more than ever against the greed and TWO FACED PEOPLE we face today who's only goal is to bring real people like you and me down. GO SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!

Walker P (fr) wrote: no one can match the strength of Sparta.

Heather M (mx) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Samir S (ag) wrote: Two Brilliant Actors, An Apartment, A Debate... The films rolls and keeps you engrossed in the discussion that ensues... What more could one ask for?