Irene Huss: The Man with the Small Face

Irene Huss: The Man with the Small Face


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Hunt for a young girls killer get Inspector Irene Huss and her co-worker into a world of evil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Irene Huss: The Man with the Small Face torrent reviews

Kyle B (ca) wrote: It's kind of a slow movie and I don't particularly know why this is considered a comedy as I found it more of a Hollywood mystery noir with the murder plot line. Tim Robbins is great as usual and Whoopi Goldberg is really great in a supporting role. It is very original and fun depiction of Hollywood

Donna L (jp) wrote: As weird as this movie was, I truly enjoyed it. Very different and interesting. 4/5.

Guido S (it) wrote: Christina Ricci's boyfriend goes off to the army, but she has a constant sexual desire which leaves her passed out and left for dead when Samuel L. Jackson finds her. He tries to help her, but she has to be chained down for him to be able to trust she won't do anything. A really good film, one of Ricci's best performances. Jackson is also great here. Timberlake has a pretty small role, but is decent for what is requested of him.

Valrie B (nl) wrote: That movie sucked despite the kinda clever and "serves you right!" ending... Nothing else to say.

Kollin C (gb) wrote: A Very Entertaining Campy B Movie Which Provides Unintentional Laughs.

Leandro D (au) wrote: I always liked Bacon playing a bad guy. And it really works on this one. By the middle of the movie we are all hating him.

Jason D (mx) wrote: In Italy, during World War II, a Nazi ambush leaves 4 soldiers, including one of my favorite horror genre actors Tim Thomerson (Dollman, Trancers, etc), excellent character actor Art LaFleur (Hostage), Timothy Van Pattern, and Biff Manard (all of whom deliver some warm and entertaining performances surprisingly), behind enemy lines where they not only contend with hostile Nazis, but also aliens and their crashed ship. While the alien action is somewhat scarce throughout the bulk of the film, the four lead characters offer up enough entertainment to make this a better than average low-budget war/sci-fi film. The acting was exceptional, the story was actually entertaining, and the John Carl Buechler (an icon in the horror industry for effects and direction) special effects are always welcome in my house. Honestly, this film was a nice little surprise and really deserves to be released on DVD one day. Great, fun little flick.