Irina Palm

Irina Palm

Maggie, a quiet retiring grandmother, finds herself helpless as her grandson’s health deteriorates. When one last chance appears, but money is desperately short, Maggie acts to raise the cash in a fashion that surprises everyone but her...

Maggie, a 50-year-old widow, desperately needs some money to pay for a medical treatment for her ill grandson. After one attempt at trying to find a job, Maggie finds herself roaming the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce B (nl) wrote: This Movie comes from the Mortuary of Madness 50 Movie DVD Collection from Mill Creek, like with all the movies in this collection they come from low budget, no very low budget studio's , but if your a blood and gore freak then this collection is for you. I myself am not a Blood and Gore freak just a Movie Collector freak. This one takes place out in Louisiana not in the Bayou but more inland in Trailer trash redneck country and that's what we have here, A couple living in a trailer has their daughter abducted by some animal in the woods who has been killing other animals, looks like a human on four legs, well this couple does more killing then the animal to hide the fact that then father shot and killed a police officer by accident. So we have 86 minutes of senseless drama. 1 1/2 stars 10-5-12

Josep P (au) wrote: Into the Storm [2008]

David B (it) wrote: I thought I would never see the day. Not only was this a great Australian film, this was a great Australian comedy. It was so beautifully simple. There were no drugs, no gangsters, no murders, no death, no crime, no drag queens, no ABBA, no Nicole Kidman (as much as I love her) and it didn't end in suicide! Surely a first for Australian cinema. It was fun, it was easy to watch, the characters seemed like real people - it doesn't get any better. I have to admit, though, the reason I'm rating it so highly is because I wasn't expecting a lot from it. I've been burnt so badly by Australian film. So if you watch this, based on my recommendation, it may not be a 4.5-star movie in your eyes. : )

Aaron A (es) wrote: Zombies with huge alien infested testicles that have a weakness of booze. I'm not making this up.

Michael K (nl) wrote: I guess I have a terrible taste in movies... No I don't! Movie critics suck. This was a beautiful comedy with a lot of laughs and surprisingly tears as well. Not many movies pull off these shifts in emotions so well. It's a must watch!

Brett B (es) wrote: An original film focussing on corrupt/incompetent ticket inspectors on the Budapest Metro. The film feels claustrophobic as every scene is underground and the tale is part comedy, romance, horror and action. The soundtrack is rather addictive too and the fast beats help heighten the tension. It is what the famous UK underground film Creep should have tried to be more like.

William T (it) wrote: A soulful and subtle road picture that captures the essence of Ernesto Guevara's political fight and ideas.

Nikkoda T (ru) wrote: It really touched me in they way it's told. An excellent story and an excellent film.

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