IRL (In Real Life) is a film about the evils among teenagers in the world of social media. Elias will not escape his tormentors. They are everywhere, in school, on the subway and spew their hatred of him online. He flees into The Secret World, an online game with thousands of players where Elias accepts the Invincible Warrior S:]iles guise. In the game, he meets Sc4rlet, a talented and beautiful girl soldier. Together they conquer their violent digital world. Sc4rlet want to meet Elias IRL (In Real Life). Hesitantly he agrees to be seen but well at the meeting place, where a very ordinary girl standing, he dare not go forward. Elias realizes that he will never meet Sc4rlet and decides to take his life that night.

Elias can not escape his tormentors. They are everywhere, and spew their hatred of him online. He flees into The Secret World, an online game where Elias accepts the Invincible Warrior "S:]iles" guise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy W (ag) wrote: light hearted, whimsical, well acted and thoroughly entertaining. This little gem coming out of china is great for a night time viewing on netflix in a sea of lesser choices on the streaming giant.

Laura A (au) wrote: Terrible and booooooring

Fadi B (us) wrote: An Amazing movie with great plot and funny characters and lots of fun. Even kids will enjoy it!

Sherry Z (gb) wrote: Very old school with how things work out in the end and glossed over some difficult times, but was very heart warming. I started out not really looking Shelby or the new hair dresser, but Shelby turned out to be a stronger and more fleshed out character than I'd originally thought.

James W (ca) wrote: id like to imagine a world in which this creepy ass thing didnt exist. id recommend it as a bad movie if the aliens didnt look like a pile of genitals

John K (us) wrote: A top Sinbad film. The minoton captured my imagination as a child and I have always remembered it.

Robert C (kr) wrote: An all around good film. Cast - Story - Cinematography.

Jessey R (us) wrote: love the creations story

Mitchell B (fr) wrote: Uma, just because it's a superhero themed comedy does not mean you need to reprise your hammy overacting from Batman & Robin

Andy S (fr) wrote: My second Van Damme outing this week and yet again i was'nt disappointed... Here we see him playing duel roles bad guy and ... well... strange guy! Both equally believable and both make for an interesting story with an odd twist. Lots of action, a decent budget (for a change) and an enjoyable movie... give this one a go too!

Eliabeth R (de) wrote: A pesar de que es una pelcula basada en hechos reales no le vi lo transcendental de la historia, es mas bien una historia infantil con matices de comicidad y de drama unidas, se puede ver.