Iron Ladies 2

Iron Ladies 2

Sequel to the surprise hit about a gay volleyball team having troubles with their success and fame, and how they reunite after they split because of creative differences.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Thai,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   flashback,   gay,  

Sequel to the surprise hit about a gay volleyball team having troubles with their success and fame, and how they reunite after they split because of creative differences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nana A (nl) wrote: There's something about french movies that is so original, poignant n yet so raw. and one more thing, where do they recruit all these brilliant young actors??

MARS D (jp) wrote: An overcautious teen in need of quick cash finds himself in over his head in this extremely tense neo-noir thriller from France.

Jesse D (nl) wrote: Does not even make it as a prurient interest movie. Bello seems to do pretty well, but the screenplay is so bad it's hard to tell. Boring characters, not good porn, Characters seemed less interesting and more as if they needed to be committed immediately. I suggest you skip this one.

Ebony S (au) wrote: Boring... Four people... In a room... Arguing over children... With less common sense between them than a child. Funny in parts... Escalates until everyone gets drunk in the end. The end!! No real conclusion... No real entertainment.. Just exposs of each characters personality and flaws.. Also of the intra-marital conflicts that were simmering below the surface (before the kids' fight) which come to the fore (rather swiftly after a swig of aged whiskey) during the disagreement. Not really fun to watch, although the characters do have some comedic value.

Matthew G (mx) wrote: the dialogue in this film is hilarious, must have been written by a retarded 4 year old child from Lesotho 'you're awfully quiet, I might as well be talking to the horse!' DAMN YOU BEN PEZOLLI why did you make us watch this????

Molly C (ca) wrote: This is such a classic love story. I myself am a sucker for a good love story, and this is nothing but that. The music and fashion in this movie already make it amazing, aside from the funny, quirky personalities between the two characters. The entire story is a waiting game to see such amazing characters fall in love. I love this movie so much, I could watch it over and over!

Ed Fucking H (ag) wrote: I had only seen one of Alex Cox's films prior to this (Sid and Nancy) so was unsure what to expect from this 'historical drama'. Glad I gave it a chance as it was an extremely unique, clever and funny film watching experience. I think what he was trying to do here was invert the cliches of historical drama's, add in a healthy dose of irony, sarcasm and allegory, and make a firm statement about the US foreign policy in Nicaragua in particular, but the message could be applied to many other places as well. Centers around William Walker (played by Ed Fuckin Harris), who is hired by a powerful and wealthy man to overthrow the Nicaraguan government and create stability in the region for the sake of his trade interests. Walker goes on to become drunk with power and eventually betrays everyone who helps him along his way. While this is based on a true story if your a stickler for historical accuracies and such this film is definently not for you. Characters are seen reading newsweeks smoking filtered Marlboros and theres even a helicopter at the end. People who may criticize this movie for those reasons are retarded. While it is historical this film is clearly concerned with current issues. Also features a pretty good soundtrack from Joe Strummer of the Clash. All in all a very unqiue film that is unlike anything else I've ever seen. Recommended.

Glen W (ag) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Picked this up to see if it would be fun to show during our school's science fair. I usually love cheesy sci-fi and cheesy 80's films so I thought it might be fun, but this had no redeeming qualities. I will stick with "Real Genius".

Richard G (gb) wrote: A mess, and it's too bad, because it had potential. But Doctorow + Lumet mess up the POV, which is the essential element of the story. Boring, badly paced, too.

Zachary C (ag) wrote: It took the seasons going by for me to realize that this is simply Jaws in Bigfoot form. People often complained that the shark looked fake, well at least they actually showed the monster!

Patricia P (br) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Very well acted, so moving, so real, so to the core of humanity in all it's love & cruelty

Leandro B (de) wrote: una increible actuacion de tobey maguire y una muy buena direccion de zwick le dieron unos puntos a favor a esta pelicula,aunque no se explica bien porque bobby tenia sus problemas psiocologicos y en algunos momentos se siente muy lenta y abirrida,la pelicula logra transmitir la tension y suspenso que tienen las partidas de ajedrez