Iron Monkey 2

Iron Monkey 2

Iron Monkey (Donnie Yen) teams up with his blind friend Jin (Wu Ma) to bring underworld agent the Tiger to justice. When Jin's son (Lau Kan Wan) arrives he soon becomes caught up in the conflict, leading to Jin's death. Jin's son now joins the Iron Monkey to avenge his father's memory, as they launch an attack on the Tiger's lair.

Donnie Yen (Iron Monkey, Wing Chun) returns in this semi-sequel to the martial arts masterpiece. This time, Donnie takes on the persona of the legendary Iron Monkey, as he fights corrupt warlords in war-torn China. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb K (ca) wrote: This is a movie within a movie. Typical B Movie Slasher type movie with a scary clown and all kinds of weird creatures. Great creepy movie to watch for Halloween. Not a 5 Star. I've seen much better.

Sky C (nl) wrote: Disappointed indeed, it's not quite bad, but far from expectations. It might be better if to watch as a comedy instead of a drama as it is supposed to be. Though both Leung and Lau play their parts well, the script itself waste the cast all.

Inga H (nl) wrote: Passable as a kids film, extremely predictable, but my son loved it.

Lovyn L (jp) wrote: Wonderful setting wasted with poor cinematography. Disturbing storyline dulled by the usual gore-and-gristle fare.

Harun K (us) wrote: Svankmajer + Poe + Sade?! Definitely a masterpiece! You'll be damned if you don't watch this one...

Edward C (ca) wrote: Shaun Of The Dead(2004)Starring:Simon Pegg,Nick Frost,Kate Ashfield,Lucy Davis,DylanMoran,Peter Serafinowicz, Penelope Wilton,Steve Emerson,Nicola Cunningham,Reece Shearsmith,Bill Nighy,and Jessica HynesDirected By:Edgar RightReviewA ROMANTIC COMEDY. WITH ZOMBIES.Hello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here with a horror movie so great you'll die laughing. This is the beginning of my marathon with Edgar Wrights Cornetto trilogy but the end of Hoop-tober. Either way grab a pint and a cornetto.There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch...and kill some zombies.When flesh-eating aombies are on the hunt for a bite to eat,it's up to slacker Shaun(Simon Pegg) and his best pal Ed(Nick Frost) to save their friends and family from becoming the next entree.We all know about the classic zombie films like night of the living dead,dawn of the dead etc. But this is one of the few films to not only satirize zombie films but also somehow stay faithful to them,this British comedy stars Simon Pegg as a lazy absent-minded Shaun with his even more lazy and absent-minded friend Ed played by Nick Frost. When the zombie apocalypse happens however they turn into two unlikely heroes fighting zombies and get laid all at the same time.Most are so familiar with this it's hard for me to talk about it. This film is a great start for a great trilogy and a lot of fun so grab a pint and a cornetto and enjoy Shaun of the dead for Halloween I give it a four out of five.

Tim M (br) wrote: See Desperado first. Watching this after Planet Terror and Machete makes me appreciate the aesthetic. Depp diving into his other characters is a feature, not a bug. "Over the top and all over the place, Once Upon A Time In Mexico is as unruly as it characters: joyously style-driven as a Bond movie but with its own set of style guidelines." "A splendid cast and spectacular orgies of carnage" "hits heights worthy of its Sergio Leone-inspired title."

Pia K (br) wrote: To hear the ugly truth about youself- frightening thing. I probably couldn't do it or say it. As you see, good movie - made me think.

Matt R (us) wrote: Classic thriller! The self-referential nature of the film is brilliant and could only get better if seen on stage. Caine and Reeve are top-notch, as usual and Ira Levin's writing is dead on. (No pun intended.) I could argue that Dyan Canon is a bit too over-the-top and gives a performance worthy of stage but too big for film, but the overall aesthetic holds for the production. A must-see!

Evan G (ag) wrote: An all time great top 20 "Spaghetti Western"

Jenna I (nl) wrote: I'm surprised this movie managed to get made, given the psychological-tolls-of-war plot which can easily be interpreted as anti-war... Though I guess Endore can be seen as just a 'bad egg' but I think the close up shots and the monologues make him sympathetic. Beautifully shot (or is that just young Robert Redford? *rimshot*), great close ups. Interesting little film that holds up pretty damn well.

Sam M (nl) wrote: It was pretty good until a sudden drop after the halfway point.