Iron Wolf

Iron Wolf

1945: The red army stands at the gates of Berlin. In their desperation the Nazis turn to the most obscure Scientists. Through cruel experiments a new secret Weapon has been created - unstoppable and alive. A Russian attack destroys the lab, but the weapon - buried underneath the ruins - is immortal. Lost in time, it lurks in the darkness, only to return again. 2012: Punk-Rock legend Spike Jones leads a group of friends into the ruins of the old Nazi Lab. The complex shall be cleaned up for the reunion concert of his band. Believing they would help a poor soul, they free the beast from its prison. But the creature of the Nazis does not know about thankfulness. Again the smell of blood fills the old laboratories and screams of terror echo through the darkness. As now, the Werewolf starts his war against humanity.

Lost in time, it lurks in the darkness, only to return again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louise G (us) wrote: Fell asleep. Gary Oldman, you've done better.

Geoff J (br) wrote: Boring "documentary" on undregorund horror movies. Silly twist at the end neither entertains or scares.

Urmi C (de) wrote: Good movie! but not as good as i thought. Nice songs and it would fit lil-kids xlnt! worth watching if you have nothing to do! lol i give it 6/10

Peter S (it) wrote: Shocked by how dreadful this was. Thought it was going to be a gritty drama, but it was almost a comedy. Also, it looked really low-budget, like an episode of The A Team!

Racim B (ru) wrote: LOL Avalanche de claques !!! Meilleur westen-comique !!!

Andrew R (it) wrote: A classic, awesome team up of John Wayne and Robert Ryan, two of my favorite film icons. Add in the names of notorious producer, Howard Hughes and the amazing director, Nicholas Ray, and a movie that probably could have really sucked, turns out alright.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Milk rains from the sky and the peasants on the collective farm strive to buy a tractor in the silent Soviet propaganda film that is more interesting now for Eisenstein's direction than anything else.

Jason C (fr) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies from when I was a kid

Gerard M (gb) wrote: Absolutely appalling. A shocking adaptation of a wondrous comic.

Hrm M (ru) wrote: But things change with the arrival of new hire Rick. He's a brashly confident alpha dog and party monster who throws endless verbal punches, then covers each jab with a questionably sincere, "Just kidding."Rick encourages John to stop letting "anyone push you around," with unfortunate consequences. Is this just Rick's underhanded way of usurping his rival's position?

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Julius N (es) wrote: An excellent movie. I wish people still made movies like this.

Batesow T (ca) wrote: Funny horror movie love chuckie