Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie

Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie

Zhenya and Nadya go their separate ways. Nadya stuck with her bureaucrat boyfriend, married h im and had a daughter...

Zhenya and Nadya go their separate ways. Nadya stuck with her bureaucrat boyfriend, married h im and had a daughter... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (ca) wrote: 4 out of 5 stars! This was a great and lovingly crafted doc about Leonard Nimoy and the character of Spock. His son did a great job in honoring him and telling his incredible story. He's much more than Spock and Spock is much more than just a character in a sci-fi show. Star Trek and Spock who best personified the ideals of Trek really changed society whether you watched Star Trek or not. He is a legend and his legacy and memory will live long and prosper. My favorite Star Trek character of all time!

Larry R (br) wrote: Low budget, economy actor movie. Ryan Barrett is wooden and stumbles around silently for most of the movie. His angry or furious looks have a tinge of consitpation to them. Emily Alatalo is great to look at and we do see a bit of her. She does happy romance well but her deep emotional scenes are reminiscent of Britanny Spears being very serious about puppies. Jennifer Polansky can act and does a great job of a wretched role. She was very believable.Give Chad Archibald credit for getting his movie done and using a few simple sets very well. Sales to cheap cable channels may make a profit on this indie movie, which is not a small thing. When he gets a script that builds to a climax that the audience is interested in and that ends in some logical way his movies will be worth watching.

Movie K (nl) wrote: Not exciting, quite dull and slow pace. Not much action with the car. Hot babe Nadine though.

William B (de) wrote: this guy has a great eye. I love the way he put the video and photography together. imcidentally, this is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Claigh Y (ru) wrote: * Easy to watch and enjoyable enough* Fresh Xmas film concept* Fairly typical Vince Vaughn character

Matt R (br) wrote: A pathetic, insipid excuse for a horror movie, and a downright insulting final outting for the iconic Mr. Myers.

Zantiago M (au) wrote: Is not perfect, but i did enjoy it.

Scott A (us) wrote: Okay this was always one of my favorite horror films as a kid. For some reason I always thought Pinker was a black dude growing up, here to find out it's Skinner from The X-Files!!!The whole cast is solid, and once Pinker starts body jumping a lot of random characters get to ham it up mocking the guy. Seeing little Parker swear and do that limp is a blast!Cami Cooper may be the hottest female horror lead that never did another big movie I have ever seen.The plot is fun and when they start TV surfing at the end, gotta just go with it and you'll have some fun.

Corey T (kr) wrote: Taking a lot of liberties with the story, this version has great special effects and Leelee looks amazing in gold skin, but probably allot more enjoyable if you don't know anything about mythology.

Valerie S (fr) wrote: This movie was really funny! I could not stop laughing when I watched it!

Sean W (it) wrote: With this cast and director, this should have been a slam dunk, but thanks to some really boring stretches, is completely forgettable. One section to note is a sequence where Grant and Rogers are mistaken as being Jews by some Nazis and almost shipped off to a concentration camp! Very bold for a picture in 1942 -- especially one that is supposed to be (but isn't much of) a comedy.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: Clive Barker creates an ultimate masterpiece of pure horror

Gav R (ru) wrote: cast a plenty, big names with silly execution

Leonard D (mx) wrote: Would have seen it back then, but now, nope!