Irumbukkottai Murattu Singam

Irumbukkottai Murattu Singam

A story of mistaken identities in 17th century.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Tamil
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A story of mistaken identities in 17th century. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katherine B (it) wrote: This is a beautiful movie , (bring your tissues).My whole family enjoyed it, best kind of movie making!Based on a REAL story .Who cares how the critics THINK Eddie Murphy SHOULD play an african american, this was based on a real man, and a great one at that! Enjoy!

Ruslan C (mx) wrote: Fantastic film that every Jewish should see.

Richard L (de) wrote: This is a Swedish teen / vampire movie which mixes joy and melancholy.

Barry N (ru) wrote: Uneven Bill Murray comedy isn't very funny.

Brian P (ru) wrote: This movie almost felt like Martin Blank's character from Grosse Point Blank ten years later. Of course there are some common casting between the two. Great commentary on the military industrial complex and the war profiteers. A bit convoluted and messy compared to Grosse Point Blank but generally classic Cusack.

Eric J (jp) wrote: RATING (0 to ****): *It's amazing what we throw away for love. That's the lesson we learn from Takeshi Kitano's art film "Dolls", or at least that's the lesson we were supposed to learn. During this long, tedious 109-minute interconnecting narrative, I learned that it's amazing what definitions of "love" we'll throw everything away for, and it's not very pleasant being stuck with people who do, indeed, cast their pearls before swine. Let's look at the list:In a reverse-Cinderella story, a man runs away from his bride (on his wedding day) because of a notice that an ex-girlfriend attempted suicide and isn't exactly in the most stable state. So he reclaims her from the hospital and they both wander around as bums. This is the story the bulk of the film is centered around.Then there's the one about the yakuza boss who has one regret: yes, you guessed it, he let his love go. That love of his is from decades ago, a woman who used to sit at a certain bench and eat lunch with him every week. Before he leaves, she swears to return to that bench every week before he returns. In this part, I thought of a good friend of mine who enrolled in the same Gender Studies class three times, pointing out the misogyny in such movies as "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Devil Wears Prada". She would have had a field day with this one.And finally, my "favorite", a loser of a construction worker who has an undying obsession with a certain pop idol. Her posters are plastered all over his wall, and when it's revealed that she went in a car accident, he does something else to himself before setting off on his journey. Is it social commentary? Yes. It's obvious commentary: being this obsessed with pop idols (or anyone) is bad. This is not any bit enlightening and just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.Now, being that this is an "art film", it's not clear how much of this is meant to be taken literally. Well, it also means that we have a 10-minute puppet show as an introduction (hence the title). It's long and tedious, which is what the film's 40-minute ending also is. Kitano makes mighty sure that we get that the main story (about the runaway groom) is about the dolls we saw in the beginning, and intercuts between the two so many times that you're prepared to scream "All right! I get the damn point!"Perhaps I didn't get all the symbolism. Honestly, I don't care. Takeshi Kitano has another great film laced with it, titled "Fireworks". It also contains something "Dolls" lacks, which is characters we can care about and content that we're actually interested in following.This one just made me want to take a shower.MPAA: Not Rated (but would be PG-13 for disturbing content)Runtime: 1 hour, 54 minutes (109 minutes of "real movie")

Jan N (it) wrote: Great story-telling.

Erin K (nl) wrote: It is a choppy movie, over the top, and not much to the plot.

Eric H (es) wrote: This film was terrible, and not because it's a nice light hearted comedy because I love them (grumpy old men type film) but this film tried too hard particularly with character development relationship and things along those lines that makes you cringe through this film.

Brendan R (es) wrote: The greatest tour of all time. The greatest concert film of all time.

Vildan B (ru) wrote: I WANT TZHIS MOVIE LOCK 1000X

Kendall I (us) wrote: This Argento work redeemed itself from the near-mess that Inferno left behind. It's much creepier with a better plot and vision. PLOT:Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) is a best-selling author who has just release his latest work, named Tenebrae, which describes a few murders. His fame is rising steady until someone starts to murder real people influenced by his book. Now he must try and figure out who it is with his colleagues, Anne (Daria Nicolodi) and Detective Germani (Giuliano Gemma), as well as others. It's a good plot executed very well. ACTING:The performances in here are pretty great. Anthony Franciosa played a great part as the misunderstood author, Peter Neal. I think his final scenes were the best. Daria Nicolodi also played a brilliant job; she's been in a several other of Argento's films and I can see why. Her final scenes in this film were also the best in here. The other shiners would be John Saxon as Bullmer, John Steiner as Cristiano Berti, and Christian Borromeo as Gianni. SCORE:The score is done this time by Cladio Simonetti, and he does a great job composing creepy themes for the film. It reminds me much of Goblin and the unique score they do. I rather liked it. EFFECTS:The blood flows freely in this Argento flick. As the body count stacks up, the blood flows further; each kill gets bloodier and bloodier. I was impressed by how violent some of the kills in this one were, but I enjoyed how he did each of them, especially the last few deaths. Argento really did pull himself up from Inferno. OTHER CONTENT:This Argento work is actually a really good one considering it followed Inferno. This one's much creepier with its atmosphere and has a more visionistic approach to it. Some of the cutscenes/dream sequences along with the kills were very much a part of Argento's unique vision; I really appreciated it. It even kept the twist at the end that Argento usually has in each film, except this one was a lot more spread out. It still lacked in scariness and a bit of substance, but it was good overall. OVERALL,a good Argento horror with a good plot, great acting, creepy score, impressive kill/blood effects, a creepier atmosphere, a more visionistic approach, and a set of Argento twists, but it lacks a strong scare factor and some substance.

Tristan M (ag) wrote: Good film about a rebellious teenage girl just after WWII.