Isabelle is a famous and beloved actress from the Netherlands, who disappears when on Holiday in Belgium. She has been kidnapped by bartender Jeanne Bitor, an artist with a disfigured face. Jeanne is very bitter about her 'ugly' appearance, and she is obsessed with the process of dying and deterioration of animals and humans. Therefore, she abducts Isabelle and starves her to death, while painting her in different phases of the process.

A famous actress finds herself captured by a morbidly deranged paintress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isabelle torrent reviews

Paul D (jp) wrote: Not the most endearing of relationship stories, but the main character is appealing and she commands plenty of sympathy for her position as a one half of a dumped betrothed. Greta Gerwig portrays an almost fatalistic but rounded nearly 30 something.

Sean M (us) wrote: Great casting and writing, with all of the actors creating interesting characters as well as bringing the mannerisms and behaviors they are known for. Jason Bateman plays a character that is the central sane family member seeing his life fall apart, with humorous effects, much like in Arrested Development. Tina Fey acts with comedic and soulful aplomb, while surrounded by wild men and quirky women, much like in 30 Rock. Kathryn Hahn reprises her role from Ferrell/McKay comedies with simmering and explosive comedic anxiety. Even Adam Driver seems to preview his petulant but powerful baby brother role in the new Star Wars. The list goes on, but even though the actors were in their comfort zones, these characters, and especially how they work together as a convincing and heart-touching family, really stand out as individuals made just for this story.If the critics' consensus after seeing the movie released in theaters was that it was a let down, my experience was different because I randomly picked up the film at the library, never having heard of it. It was a great piece of cinematic soul, with theater roots in the ensemble acting, and authenticity from the semi-autobiographical novel it was based on. So often it seems that expectations temper reactions to movies, and while natural, it's not really fair. The way I see it, some really amazing artists got together and labored with joy, talent and professionalism to give me a story that reflects life, family and love in a way that touched me. Plus I got it for free at the library, so I'm happy, Really good movie. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because it isn't revolutionary or ground-breaking, but it wasn't really meant to be.

Christopher J (us) wrote: easily the worst movie of all time.i rented it w/ my girlfriend (we like vampire movies). only got through about 8 mins of it. that is how bad it was. and i turned it off. really wanted to break the dvd into 100 pieces but somehow i resisted.

Raul G (au) wrote: Not as funny as it's predecessor!

Ashank C (gb) wrote: ace in the hole , paths of glory and now this... kirk douglas all the way !

Eirin H (kr) wrote: David Suchet is brilliant..

Kurt C (fr) wrote: Love this movie!!! So much comedy, so many quotable lines, so much fun! Whoopi is spot on. What a classic! "When my sister's in trouble I will always help her out"!