Isenhart: The Hunt Is on for Your Soul

Isenhart: The Hunt Is on for Your Soul

In the middle of century XII much of the European territory is ruled by the Holy Roman Empire and violence and cruelty are the order of the day. Several German regions are terrorized by a dangerous murderer who is dedicated to kill young girls. Therefore, Isanhart and Laurin, his faithful companion in arms, will travel from end to end of the old continent to hunt the ruthless criminal.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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The young Isenhart grows at the castle guards to Laurin. Together with his friend Konrad he receives all the privileges of nobility. But it happens a cruel murder: Anna Isenhart's great ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Isenhart: The Hunt Is on for Your Soul torrent reviews

Jorge R (ru) wrote: This movie was dedicated to the loving memory of the director's father.... I guess he hated his dad.

Bruno L (es) wrote: Nanga Parbat zeigt den willensstarken Ausnahmebergsteiger Reinhold Messner, dessen Strken vor allem sein Sturkopf, seine unglaubliche physische Belastbarkeit, aber auch seine absolute Team-Unfhigkeit sind. Was Messner im Alleingang so stark macht, schwcht das Nanga-Parbat-Team tdlich.

Lindsay P (ag) wrote: Insane... may I never visit Indonesia....

Robert I (kr) wrote: There's a scene where CHUCK NORRIS is driving to a location alone, without backup. All the other cops turn their backs on him over the radio. This scene isn't suspenseful or sad at all, because it's mother lovin' CHUCK NORRIS. He can take it. And he does. He beats up 3 guys just walking into the trap and then it takes like 50 guys to hold him back. That is the power of him. The film is the better for it. Even if the semi-bad guy is that guy from those meta-films in the first two Home Alone movies.

Bjorn O (nl) wrote: Jag sg den klippta versionen men ven den r smutsig och cklig.Rekommenderas till alla som det r lite lite fel p.

Marsha E (kr) wrote: This is a very violent movie but interesting.

Stephen M (kr) wrote: Wow, this was positively awful, this garbage is so far removed even from the video games. This is like some cheaply rushed 'Matrix' knock off film at this point. There is no story, just mass mayhem & digital gore, rushed thru each scene.

Mike G (au) wrote: What a horrible waste of time. Going into this I didn't expect much and thats exactly what I got. Special effects were horrible. The plot didn't even make much sense at all.