Harbans Rai and Ranjit Rai are two wealthy businessmen who absolutely *loathe* poverty and poor people . As fate would have it , Harbans Rai's daughter Madhu falls for a poor mechanic Raja while Ranjit Rai's son Ajay romances a poor girl Kajal . When Harbans and Ranjit come to know of it they try various ways to separate the lovers.

Harbans Rai and Ranjit Rai are two wealthy businessmen who absolutely *loathe* poverty and poor people . As fate would have it , Harbans Rai's daughter Madhu falls for a poor mechanic Raja ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aka A (us) wrote: A wonderful piece of perfection. Sure it did not do as much for humanity as Moonlight, Hidden Figures, etc. But it perfects it's genre and deviates from the norm with its wonderful ending which I wont give away here.

Dailiesel M (ru) wrote: another Great amazing movie waithing for more Constantine is back hell yeah the need green arrow the all team inside to make more like this,Thanks DC and WB guys yo are the best ???

Olivia C (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, actually! beautifully shot and very atmospheric. not super gory but sufficiently creepy. for those who enjoyed the Conjuring, Insidious, Yellow Brick Road, that sort of movie, watch this one. the Italian setting and historical references make this an intellectually enjoyable horror flick that's still creepy as hell.

Kelly G (au) wrote: Open Grave is not your traditional zombie movie. It shared similarities more with 28 Days Later. The zombies were just crazed, infected living people which gave it sort of a realistic feel. I found it to be a great psychological thriller as well. Definitely worth a peak at.

Bud L (gb) wrote: loved it marc singer is a total nut great movie

Addison P (es) wrote: It was a pretty stupid movie, still a creepy place. What a crazy enviornment for any kind of scary event to happen...

Al M (kr) wrote: Babysitter Wanted opens with a fairly standard premise: a young woman raised by overly protective, hyper-Catholic mother moves away from home to go to college. Needing money, she answers an ad for a babysitter at a house way outside of town. But then the film takes a fairly original turn that I won't spoil for you. Funny, twisted, and somewhat surprising, Babysitter Wanted doesn't fully develop its premise in a completely satisfying way, but is a fun little horror film that differentiates itself from the pack.

Michelle P (ca) wrote: This film wasn't bad, but it also wasn't good. A polished psychological thriller with an excellent cast and great camera work and sets. The story isn't too bad but it is definitely the weak point. The last half hour or so felt very anti-climatic with one too many moments that felt like an ending.

Zack S (mx) wrote: I really had no idea what to expect from Swimfan. Especially seeing how everyone was saying it was a poor man's version of Fatal Attraction. Which I still haven't seen yet. That said, it isn't horrible as I was lead to believe but not really that good either. I found it to be rather predictable and mediocre though it does have its moments where it qualifies as a guilty pleasure though not enough unfortunately. Maybe if I saw this when it came out (because I was still a pre-teen then) then I probably would have liked it more because that seems to be who the target audience is.

Eric H (fr) wrote: It is a fearsome thing to see madness unfold, especially with two such women who give us a new take on intimatcy, and the dangers of condemned love. The period settings provide an other-worldly feel, accentuating the plot of sisters who are all alone, clinging to one another as they sink into the moreves of madness. It's not easy to watch, but Film Grrrl felt rewarded.

Mr D (au) wrote: Very generic except some pseudo-gory scenes and someone with Hodgkin's disease as an extra.

kivernitis I (br) wrote: Renais "Providence" has all the hallmarks of cinema at its artistic best. Every component of film making is expertly handled. David Mercer's literary screenplay is a joy to listen to, especially when delivered by the likes of Dirk Bogarde and of course the legendary John Gielgud. The visuals are haunting and perfectly shot with detailed attention to set and costume. Miklos Rosza's soundtrack is in total accordance with the work as a whole, never intrusive, while adding to the rich tapestry that is "Providence". Renais too has assembled a wonderful if somewhat odd cast, which suitably serve this somewhat odd film.Gielgud plays a dying author whose mind is racing with fantasies peopled by members of his family. His character Clive Langham is depicted as a ribald, sensual, womanizer. Yet his fantasies, making up the bulk of the film, are curiously cold and stark. They are played in bleak settings with an ever present sense of impending catastrophe, though remaining totally devoid of emotion. These imaginings are at completely at odds with their creator. The extreme incongruousness of these fantasies with the character to whom they belong, remains a mystery. This detracts much in the way of emotional impact which is very much lacking in the film, whether intentional or not. The elimination of emotion leaves "Providence" a cold, wonderfully intelligent exercise in the art of film making.Renais has assembled an intriguing cast headed by the superb Gielgud. Dirk Bogarde whose performances have often been tinged with a cold, sauve superciliousness brings this unpleasant quality to an unparalleled level of extremity. Even the usually over emoting Ellen Burstyn delivers a restrained performance. Elaine Stritch has to be the oddest choice for the role being so contrary to her well known persona. Never has a more unlikely coupling been presented than Stitch and Bogarde as lovers. Yet in this emotionless void, even that becomes acceptable."Providence" is a highly unusual, important film and shouldn't be missed by the discerning film enthusiast. Yet despite the wealth of cinematic craft on display it remains an unsatisfying experience.

Nick F (nl) wrote: A spooky house on a dark and stormy night and Vincent Price looks upon a portrait of a dead wife....sounds like some good gothic fun. Vincent Price is commanding in this role, as he would be in later classics such Fall of the House of User and Tomb of Ligiea. The production design is quite good and the supporting cast is very strong, especially Harry Morgan and Walter Houston. The story has its plot holes, but Price's melodramatic performance is sure to please any fan. Price is all over the place reaching a melodramatic appex in the scene where he admits to being a drug addict while magnetically charming when he asls Tireney to dance in the ballroom sequence. The story carries some interesting subtext with Dragonwyck's resistance to not only the political progress of the day, but also his conflict with his last wife on religion. This is an easy reccomendation for Vincent Price fans

Jason H (jp) wrote: This movie is mainly a result of John Wayne turning down Dirty Harry. Perhaps the Duke thought he could out-do Eastwood...clearly he couldn't at this point in his career but what he did do was make a fun, funny cop movie which is better than most films with similar plots because of his presence. John Wayne still has it at this point...the "it" isnt the same "it" he had in earlier films...but it's still John Wayne. Attenborough is good in here as well. Is it a great work of cinema? Not especially. Is it's story particularly original? By all means no! Is it fun and at times stylish? Yes! I really enjoyed this movie!

Ian P (us) wrote: Probably the best movie I have ever seen besides The Lego Movie and The Wizard of Oz. It brings back nostalgic memories from when I was a kid watching this movie every day.

Tommy S (nl) wrote: good movie if you have a heart

Manolo P (it) wrote: Great story, no doubt. Many things happened here without expecting so. What happened and the fact that it has been hidden for years gives it much value. Benedict Cumberbatch was very successful in participating as an annoying, antisocial and unloving character, whose arrogant attitude contrasts with his desires and developed mental ability to create what would later become a must-have invention today. The film and what it transmits is very good, nevertheless, to use that he was gay and persecuted as the main message of the film it depleted potential and significant value to the film. Yet it evokes much courage, intrigue and oddness, and can be considered a very good adaptation that, with excellent performances, constitutes a serious and efficient drama. 80/100

Steve G (gb) wrote: "Con Air" does have a few plot issues but in the end is a great 1990's action movie filled with talented actors, experienced cinematographers and thrilling scenes. The plot to "Con Air" is that a man named "Cameron Poe" portrayed by "Nicholas Cage" is sent to prison for 8 years due to him defending his wife's honor. On his release date "Poe" travels by plane with other convicts who attempt to break out and take over the plane. The movie opens with "Poe" returning from his military duty to meet his wife at a bar where she works at. Throughout the movie it shows "Poe" doing everything he can to bring down the criminal plane that he is on. The movie's climax is a thrilling conclusion to a great film. When the movie ended it did leave the audience with some unanswered questions, which frankly is quite annoying. As usual for a 90's movie, "Nicholas Cage" delivers an amazing performance as "Cameron Poe". "Cyrus The Virus" doesn't feel like an antagonist but more like a side character. The music composers for "Con Air" "Trevor Rabin" "Mark Mancina" created some thrilling Rock & Roll music for the movie that sadly has its moments where it doesn't fit it very well. The cinematographer "David Tattersall" does a splendid job at filming action and thrill. If you are a person who enjoys 1990's Action & Adventure films then I do recommend you watch "Con Air" as it has an amazing performance by "Nicholas Cage", a splendid cinematographer and great action sequences. Although the movie is not perfect it has issues, these being the audience being left with unanswered questions, a film score that doesn't blend in well with the movie at points and a weak antagonist portrayed by "John Malkovich". I give 1997's "Con Air" a 7.5/10.